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Because family caregivers often tend to be isolated, depressed and less likely to reach out for help, we are targeting the health professionals and the clergy. They are in contact with caregivers and patients everyday and in the best position to identify those who could benefit from the support of a Share The Care™ group.

Currently, ShareTheCaregiving™ offers one day training sessions to help nurses, social workers, mental health workers, hospital personnel, hospice nurses, geriatric case managers, and clergy understand the model and how they can assist in the formation of groups for individuals in their communities. If your organization (or several organizations in collaboration) would like to host a full day training please contact us. Click here for more details and fees. We can tailor a workshop, presentation, or training to fit your specific needs. (Click here to read the comments of participants)


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If your organization is interested in a presentation or workshop for your caregivers and patients please contact us, for more details and fees: Click here we will be happy to work with you to tailor a presentation to your specific audience.


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By learning from Share The Care™ groups that were created since the book was first published in 1995, we were able to add their valuable suggestions and ideas into our second edition.

We are continuously seeking to improve our model and you can help us. If you currently participate in a group, have in the past, or plan one in the near future, please take a moment to respond to our questionnaire in the JOIN US section. We need to hear about your experiences and to learn from them.

This past year, whenever possible, we started putting new groups in touch with existing groups (or past groups) to exchange ideas and information. We try to match those in similiar circumstances based on the feedback you provide. The more we know about your group and where you are located, and if you are willing to share your experience with others, the faster we can create a better network.

So far, Share The Care™ groups have been found in at least 33 states as well as Canada, Israel, and Switzerland. The handbook has been published in Brazil and is also available in the United Kingdom.


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Our organization is collecting names and information from those who have been in Share The Care™ groups and are helping others to start groups or talking about the experience at their church or local community centers.

We are also seeking qualified people around the country who could eventually help us with training and lectures. We\’d love to know if you have been part of a Share The Care™ group or are a health professional, clergy, teacher, nursing or social work student. Please contact us: Click here