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ShareTheCaregiving: a program of the National Center for Civic Innovation

What Is STC

Since 1995, STC has been a highly regarded guidebook and resource used by individuals, communities, healthcare professionals, faith-communities as a loving, pragmatic approach to caregiving that can succeed no matter what the challenge.



STC model details step-by-step HOW TO:

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  • Create a “caregiving family” of friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances
  • Answer the question all concerned friends and neighbors have asked. “What can I do to help?
  • Hold a meeting that will transform and bond a group of people who may not know each other into a powerful team
  • Organize using a simple, easy-to-follow system, seven guiding principles, and 23 forms that guarantees jobs will get done and no one person will have too much to do
  • Discover the talents within the group, make use of their resources, cope with group issues and stick together through the good times and the tough times
  • Navigate through the medical maze of doctors, hospitals, treatments, medications and much more
  • Deal with the emotional issues and fears that crop up while helping someone who is facing their own mortality
  • Make caregiving a meaningful, loving experience and replace stress, fear and loneliness with courage, teamwork, and friendship

No Matter What The Circumstance – STC Can Make a Difference:

The STC model supports, not just the care recipient, but also the primary caregiver as well as their entire family.  And if someone has no family nearby their STC group becomes “family.” STC has helped people of all ages who have a disability, or are suffering from a temporary, serious, or terminal illness, or are recuperating from surgery, an accident or combat. Groups can be a support for the elderly who need some assistance with tasks in order to age in place. Groups have also organized to provide extra loving care for quadruplets, triplets, preemies, or to support moms with little children through a difficult pregnancy.  They have sustained widow(ers) with small children, as well as a grandparents raising grandkids. The STC model works for any issue that requires teamwork.

How to form an STC Group – Interview on eCareDiary

The STC model came into being through the personal experiences of the authors and 10 other women who came together to help care for mutual friend. They worked together for nearly four years developing a unique system of caregiving as well as deep friendships that last to this day. The book was written so others could easily create their own “caregiving family.”  Click here to read How STC Was Born Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used STC successfully and reported it to be a truly “life changing” experience.