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SHARE THE CARE End of Year Accomplishments & Appeal

November/December 2016
Dear Share The Care™ Supporters,

STC_Accomplishments_2016-3You are the BEST! We are always encouraged by the enthusiasm that groups, health professionals, faith communities, working caregivers and our friends have for the STC model. It is the fuel that keeps us going.  Last year your donations made it possible for us to present STC and the research at several highly visible global conferences in order to build awareness that STC is an evidence-informed caregiving model. We were very successful in establishing important new contacts and interest for STC. Thank you!

At the top of our wish list for this year are funds to purchase (newer) refurbished computers and tech person to install software and transfer all our files. Our equipment is totally outdated. Our computer operating systems are no longer supported by FireFox or Safari so that drastically limits our ability to participate in certain webinars or download files. We are also in great need of a lighter, and more up-to-date laptop for travel/teaching.

COLLABORATIONS are key to expansion in 2017 and we are delighted to report on one already in action. STC and Road Scholar have joined forces to give family caregivers and individuals in STC groups an  opportunity to apply for ten educational travel grants. STC is reaching out to our STC groups and to other organizations in order to alert their caregivers about this chance for a well-deserved respite experience. If you qualify to apply, or in the case of STC groups, you have a deserving member you’d like to nominate, check out the special landing page we have created for this exciting promotion.

If you are part of an STC group, or are helped by one, please reflect on your experience and the value of having a ready-made plan to organize and sustain your group. We need you to TAKE ACTION NOW to back our work generously this year. A meaningful tax-deductible donation of $100, $500 or $1,000 or more would help sustain our efforts. To donate online go to: or if you prefer by check. If sending a check, please send to the address below and make it payable to:

C/o The National Center for Civic Innovation – 6th floor
121 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013-1590

Visit our website DONATE page that lists a variety of other ways people can give including shopping online through our website.


And please send us your STC group photos and stories to inspire new groups.

Warm wishes to you and yours for
A Healthy and Magical Holiday Season,


Sheila Warnock
Founder & President
Your tax-deductible donations will cover our conference fund allowing us to travel and present the STC model and research at highly visible conferences. (Our abstract has already been accepted by four.)  Also to cover the cost of books, printing brochures and creating new program materials.  My computer is over 12 years old and needs to be replaced.


Click here or on the image above to read our accomplishments as an enlargeable PDF!