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NOTEWORTHY ENDORSEMENTS for the STC guidebook (2004 edition)

“Share The Care” is one of the best books ever written to help family caregivers. I was wowed by the first edition and this one is even better. Family caregiving is more than a one-person job, and the Share The Care™ model is the best way I know to balance the load and thereby let caregiving families know that they are definitely not alone. A must read for family caregivers and all who care about them.”

Suzanne Mintz President/Co-founder National Family Caregivers Association


“The guidelines and support offered in this book were invaluable to the Share The Care Circle organized to assist my sister Mimi [Fariña] during a long illness, and in her case, dying process.

It was the tool that enabled everyone who wanted to help to do just that – in an organized and comfortable (for Mimi) manner. The authors’ experience, wisdom and caring shines through in this publication, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to start, run or be involved in a caregiver group.”

Joan Baez


“The ALS Association is pleased to endorse Share The Care as a wonderful example of a model of caring support that makes a meaningful difference for all who participate.

The tools, techniques and guidance in Share The Care offer a comprehensive plan that has provided valuable assistance to many people with ALS and their families.”

Mary Lyon, RN, MN Vice President, Patient Services The ALS Association


Share The Care transcends the pictures of what volunteerism is about. It is a step-by-step directive for creating a nurturing, heartfelt group of supportive partners in the caring process for an individual who is terminally ill, chronically ill or disabled. It helps in maintaining their dignity and independency too so they may live their lives more fully; the program is innovative, builds community and is the wave of the future for caregiving.”

Gail R. Mitchell – President National Organization For Empowering Caregivers


“A book for anyone who has ever wondered how to help a critically ill loved one and felt overwhelmed by their needs. Share The Care is clear, practical and powerfully effective. What a Blessing!”

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom, My Grandfather’s Blessings,
Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF SCHOOL OF MEDICINE,


“It takes a village to care for patients dealing with cancer, both for those at diagnosis and for those with advanced disease. Share The Care is a superb model for activating and sustaining that village. The model enriches the lives of all involved.”

James F. Cleary, MD,
Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Director, Palliative Care Program, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

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