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In Memory of Annie Abramson Nelson: “A Song for Share The Care!”


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    Ed Duane

    There is a link to listen to Ed sing this song at the bottom of this post.

    There’s so many people in this world who think they’re all alone!
    In their times of trial, there’s nowhere they can turn!
    So they face the world and all their trials and troubles on their own.
    Thinking, these are just life’s lessons I must learn!

    And the people all around them feel there’s nothing they can do.
    And they turn away so they can’t see the pain!
    And they feel these people, in their pain, are not like me and you,
    But as different as we are we’re all the same!

    There’s so many people in this world, who never really know,
    How to show their love, or feelings of concern!
    So they hide away from those they love “cause they don’t understand”,
    They’re not being cold, they’ve just never learned!

    That there’s a way for them to find the path, through this confusing maze!
    There is help and comfort in a simple plan!
    We all come together with our family, friends and folks we know,
    And we only do the simple things we can!

    We Share The Care! Let your feelings be your guide!
    Share The Care! You needn’t run away and hide!
    Share The Care, only do what you can do!
    When you Share The Care, the care you share,
    Will all come back to you!

    Share The Care Song – Click to listen (Music, lyrics and vocal by Ed Duane)

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