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STC’s Educational Program Makes a Difference: “Melia’s ‘Funny Family'”


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    Sheila Warnock

    How your support for Share The Care’s Educational Program is making a difference.

    Last year Melia, a beautiful 20 year old in Kauai, Hawaii experienced the horrible results (both physical and emotional) of a drug overdose.

    Though her family rallied around her in hospital and rehab they were quickly overwhelmed, not only with all the care required, but also with the devastating financial burdens that came with it. They were burning out fast and didn’t know where to turn.

    A friend of the family heard about the Share The Care™ Program that was initiated in 2012 through Kauai Hospice following a Share The Care training for 54 professionals and volunteers. Today, they have become known throughout the island as a valuable, viable community resource that offers support to people with all kinds of caregiving challenges.

    Melia’s “Funny Family” offers an abundance of love and support. They help with daily activities and care as she is unable to speak or move without assistance.

    Melia’s mom is passionate about helping others and shares a video that was shot during her daughter’s initial hospital stay as it illustrates how a drug overdose changed life for Melia and her entire family in just the blink of an eye.

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