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Holiday Appeal Letter & 2014 Accomplishments!


This year Phyllis, our administrator, jumped into action to start a Share The Care (STC) group to support a neighborhood friend, suffering from leukemia, cope with massive rounds of chemotherapy before her (successful) bone marrow transplant.  “Andra’s Allies” is made up of friends from their local block association-a mini village of New York City neighbors-who were her key support for 10 months and continue their efforts as Andra slowly recovers.  As Phyllis points out, this was an eye-opening experience for all involved.

Phyllis Califano - STC Administrator

Phyllis Califano

“Though our block association is used to working together to improve the neighborhood, this was the first time we were called on to help a neighbor with a serious health issue.  So many of Andra’s Allies told me they were impressed that STC gave them so much flexibility and made giving their time easy.”

Our organization is unique in that not only do we educate people about STC but we also train other organizations, institutions, and faith communities to use our model to help their caregivers, care recipients and families.  This often means donations go elsewhere other than to ShareTheCaregiving.  So please know that we truly rely upon our supporters to help us keep helping others.  STC information is too critical not to share.

If you are part of an STC group, or are helped by one, please reflect on your experience and the value of having a ready-made plan to organize your group. We need you to TAKE ACTION to support our work generously this year.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $100$500 or $1,000 to help us grow and expand our reach. You can even make a significant donation to STC as a whole group.  Visit our website DONATE page that lists a variety of ways people can give.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS – YOUR GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

You may donate online at: or if you prefer by check.  If sending a check, please send to the address below and make it payable to:

C/o The National Center for Civic Innovation – 6th floor
121 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013-1590

We always welcome your STC group photos and stories for the website. These really do inspire others.   Also, please visit and  Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter

We wish you and yours A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season.

With gratitude for your much needed support,


Sheila Warnock
Founder & President

Please click here or scroll down to view our list of 2014’s accomplishments below.


Donations are used to cover the cost of books, and creating, printing, and mailing our training and educational program materials.  We need funds to develop new educational materials.  People who contact us for support are pleasantly surprised to get a “personal” email or telephone call back; something of a rarity these days.
Currently our computers and equipment used for trainings and presentations are over 11 years old.  Since our focus is teaching and presenting (often travelling to do so) updated technology is critical.


STC's new home website:

Our greatest impact is made via our internet presence and in October we were proud to debut our brand new home website (see screenshot on the right). Now we can provide relevant information to each of our four audiences: caregivers and concerned friends, health professionals, faith communities and corporations.
Take a look. 

In April the NYC Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps participated in a Caregiving Conference at the NY Academy of Medicine. Over 300 people showed up in the pouring rain to learn more about NYC caregiving resources.
Sheila with Greg Johnson, Emblem Health and Dr. Robin Fenley, Department for the Aging, NYC
Sheila with Greg Johnson, Emblem Health and Dr. Robin Fenley, Department for the Aging, NYC

In the Spring of 2015 researcher Amy Hegenger plans to publish and present the results from her study of the STC model. She has collected feedback from past and present STC group members, caregivers and care recipients.
The goal of the study is to attain evidenced-based status for STC by proving the many benefits derived from using the model.


AWIS_ShareThe Care article
The number of people living alone is growing rapidly and many have no family nearby (or none at all). A “created family” like STC can make all the difference in the world. (Click here or on the image to the right to read the article.)


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