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STC Research Study

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STC Research Study

Amy Hegener, PhD did a comprehensive evaluation of the STC model’s impact on key stakeholders: care recipients, their primary caregiver, and the STC group members.

Her primary research interest is in older adult activity and volunteerism.  She heard Sheila speak about STC at a conference in Albany, and knew her organization was seeking a researcher to do a study on the value of STC.

The study was initiated in the summer of 2015 and published in 2016.

“The Role of Unpaid Volunteers in a Group Caregiving Approach:
Validation of the Share The Care™ Program”
Journal of Gerontological Social Work
VOL. 59, NO. 4, 349-363
ISSN: 0163-4372 (print) 1540-4048 (Online)

This research is a first step in developing an evidence base that documents the effectiveness of the STC model in achieving important public policy goals.

The purpose of the study was to find out what effect participation in STC has on the three types of group participants: Primary Caregivers, Group Members and Care Recipients. There were three overarching Research Questions:

  • Does participation reduce the level of burden experienced by caregivers?
  • Does participation improve the group member’s confidence in their caregiving skills?
  • Is there a relationship between the program’s unique structure, emphasizing a shared group experience, and group members’ satisfaction?

Click here to download a 7 page Summary of Findings by Amy Hegener, PhD

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