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Sheila speaking at NYAM

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Sheila can tailor her speech for your next:

  • Professional (or disease specific) conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Caregiver conference or event
  • Chaplains, faith communities
  • Military health professionals or caregivers or clubs
  • Women’s/men’s organizations, clubs, community centers
  • Caregiving crisis, aging in place issues and conferences
  • Corporate caregiver issues, lunch & learn
  • Teamwork, community building seminars

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Sheila at NYCM Conference



The descriptions below are of our most popular presentations/workshops. We can also work with you to tailor a presentation to your needs and audience.

 Who Cares for the Caregiver

(for professional audiences)

Share The Care™ is a highly regarded grassroots caregiving model used throughout the U.S., Canada and other countries to help people who are ill (temporary to terminal), disabled or in rehabilitation (following surgery or an accident) or dealing with the challenges of aging and many other situations.

STC empowers ordinary people (friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances) with a step-by-step roadmap on how they can organize and maintain their own unique “caregiving family” to help someone they know.

During this introduction to STC model Warnock tells the story of how STC was born from the real-life need and the experiences of 12 women who for 3.5 years cared for a mutual friend with terminal cancer. They created systems and ways of working so that no one person had too much to do.

She provides an overview of how a group can be organized and key points on how and why working as a close-knit team is critical to the group’s long term success.

Warnock shares examples of STC groups from around the world and many of their inspiring accomplishments.

Audience: health professionals or faith community conferences, seminars, or workshop
(60-90 minutes) Q & A, handout brochures


How to turn “What Can I do to Help?” Into Action

(for caregivers, general public)

Everyone will be touched by caregiving at some point in life.  What can each of us do now so that we are better prepared for our turn at bat?  And how can we avoid burning out?

Or perhaps we know someone who is caring for an aging parent or a seriously ill spouse and is under enormous stress.  How can WE help?

During this introduction to the Share The Care™ model Warnock tells the story of how the first STC group was born from the real-life experiences of 12 women (who were strangers to each other) who cared for a mutual friend with terminal cancer for 3.5 years without anyone ever burning out.   She describes how teaching others made her realize that STC needed to be a guidebook so others could follow in their footsteps.

Warnock wraps up the presentation with examples of STC groups who went above and beyond the usual caregiving “call of duty” and their very inspiring accomplishments.

This presentation is about “community” at its best.

A perfect presentation for: general public, faith communities, clubs, workplace, caregiver conferences and events.

(60-90 minute) Q & A, Handout brochures



Single, Separated, Widowed or Divorced –
Who Cares for the Person Who Lives Alone?

Today more and more people live alone often far from family, or they have no family.  What happens when they need help?  Who will care for them?

Warnock will inspire the audience with the stories of groups that came to the rescue of individuals without family, or spouse, or relatives who could take on a caregiver role.  She describes how friends helped to overcome some difficult challenges starting with the group that pioneered STC.

This presentations includes important suggestions on how we can each “be better prepared” should we ever need help–no matter if we have family or not.

Ideal for: general public, faith communities, clubs, groups, lunch and learn, caregiving conferences, corporate settings, retirement communities, and more.
(60-90 minutes) Q & A, Handout brochures




Workshop Description:

Share The Care™ groups are supposed to be organized by two concerned friends (relatives, co-workers, neighbors, faith community, or even acquaintances) of the family caregiver and/or the care recipient.  This workshop is for people who may feel anxious about getting started.  We will take them through all the steps needed to start preparing for their first STC meeting.

If a care recipient has no family caregiver – this is a wonderful way for two friends to start a “caregiving family” to support them.

The workshop will:

  • introduce the STC model and story, as well as provide examples of groups in action
  • address why having a STC group benefits everyone involved
  • identify a leader and coordinator to organize the first meeting
  • walk participants through a list of who to invite, and preparations
  • help them figure out what kind of help is needed now and later
  • discuss the first meeting in detail – what happens, and who does what
  • review the STC forms and seven principles used to organize and maintain the group effort
  • create a sense of confidence and enthusiasm about accepting help

 All participants will receive a Share The Care handbook, and a workshop manual that includes working pages, lists, all 23 STC color-coded forms, and additional handouts.

Between 3.5-4 hours (depending on number of participants)
Minimum of 30 people.  Q & A

For more information, costs and proposal for this workshop contact us.  Ideal for disease specific organizations.



Please call to discuss your needs.
Sheila is available: in person, by phone 212 991-9688 or via Skype.