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You have come to the right place if…

You are a health professional searching for solutions
to help your patients and families deal with the
enormous responsibilities of caregiving.

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With the suspension of many government programs, and hospitals working to cut readmissions, the burden on family caregivers is increasing beyond their already stretched limits.

The health professionals cannot do or be everything for their patients and caregivers. We believe that the Share The Care™ (STC) model offers one of the most cost effective and rewarding ways to help avert the caregiving crisis.

City, county, state, and national health professionals, non-profit and disease specific organizations, hospices, and hospitals, can help the more than 65 million struggling caregivers in the US cope by introducing solutions that empower people to take control of their own caregiving needs.

Many, many more caregivers will be needed by 2030 when the Boomer population doubles to 71 million.  And 25 million people are projected to develop dementia by 2050 unless a cure is found.

Yet the number of health professionals is on the decline and there is a dwindling number of younger people who might take on the role of caregiver in the future.

This is not just a concern in the US and Canada…it is a significant and troubling issue globally.

WHO is going to take care of everybody?
HOW are they going to do it?

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WE CAN ALL become part of the solution.


In fact health professionals are not immune to having to “be there” for their own family, friends, or colleagues as demonstrated by Pat’s Group.

Jackie Crandall, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, had no sooner attended a STC Training in London, Ontario when she found herself in a position to apply what she had just learned to help a nursing colleague diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Led by Jackie, other hospital staff rallied to help their co-worker Pat and her family by creating a Team of 30 strong in just days.

“Share The Care Station training at the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin”  One of two Share The Care Station leader trainings for the Aging & Disability Resource Center of the Wolf River Region (Shawano, Menominee & Oconto Counties)

Some of the 30 plus members of Pat’s Team


STC Campaign Coordinator (and Bereavement Professional) Eugene Dufour met with Pat’s Care Group after her death.  Dufour recalls: “The closing meeting was one of the most powerful sessions I have attended. There were a lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of sharing of deep feelings. They all expressed their feeling that they gave Pat a wonderful gift, and Pat gave them a greater gift.”

You can read about the STC Initiative in S.W. Ontario the “STC in Communities Section.” You can view a video about Pat’s Group in our STC Groups in Action section.