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ShareTheCaregiving: a program of the National Center for Civic Innovation

What is a STC Station

In order to successfully disseminate the STC model locally, following a training, an organization (or several organizations or faith communities) may choose to create a “STC Station.”

The purpose of a STC Station is to

  1.  promote and provide information about STC
  2.  coach those who need assistance to get a STC group going
  3.  offer local resources and referrals as necessary
  4.  provide feedback on local group activity to STCG

Flyers, small space ads, articles, posters, and brochures are placed in community centers, places of worship, pharmacies, hospitals, and libraries to engage people and make them aware of the Station, the handbook and the STC website.

Share The Care Poster

Each piece of advertising invites them to call a local number to learn more about the model and/or to receive coaching to start a group.

Community outreach is one aspect of a Station Manager’s role. They make presentations to support groups, clubs, associations, faith communities, community centers, or anywhere people gather. They also do interviews for their local newspapers, radio or TV stations.

Social workers, parish nurses, counseling professionals, trained volunteers or even past Share The Care group participants are ideal to do this work. The main requirement is passion …we call them “STC Champions.”

A Station can be located in a small corner within an office with a computer. It’s best to choose a space where people already go to access healthcare advice or information (e.g., clinics, hospice, faith communities, and community centers where support programs are offered.)

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