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Quotes from Clergy & Parishioners Using STC

“Our church is using STC to coordinate caregiving to assure that we all truly take care of each other, sharing the tasks, with each person contributing exactly what they have time to do and what they most enjoy doing.  It’s just amazing the difference it is making and how meaningful it rapidly became to participants.  We try to make sure that everyone has what they need-both caregivers and people we reach.  It’s an awesome model for churches and we’d love to help spread it to more congregations!”

Melinda Lackey, Elder at First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills



“We have all experienced what happens when one person shoulders too much responsibility as a caregiver. We’re not letting that happen here, ” explains a father of two from Jamaica.

“Our Care Crew needs to grow and continue for a long, long time,” attests a father of six from Zambia.

A Colombian mental health professional adds: “It’s really nice to have a group like this in our church, where meetings open and close with prayer, and relationships grow deeper.”

A senior participant concludes (in her wonderful Portuguese accent): “This is what going to church is really all about: Loving each other!”

Quotes from Care Crew – First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills:


“I was all alone.  I prayed a lot but I was afraid that nobody would know if something happened to me.  Now a wonderful person gives me a ride to church on Sunday, and helps me get to doctor appointments.  Somebody calls me on the phone every morning to make sure I am okay.  I have so much support now! It is wonderful, and I love this church.”

Long-time member First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills

“(We) were discussing different ways to incorporate Share The Care into our Ministry and reach out to the greater Suamico community with it and have already begun planning to do so.  Claire did a fabulous job presenting Share the Care. She is so honestly committed to this program and it shows. Her belief in Share The Care is a true inspiration to those of us who are looking to learn new ways to reach out and help others.

I look forward to Sharing The Care & working together to make a difference in our community and the lives of our neighbors.”

Excerpt from an email to WI STC Station Manager from
Director of Family & Youth Ministry
St. John’s Lutheran Church

“As you may have heard by now, Mary Pat has ovarian cancer. During her treatment many people want to help, but don’t know how.

Last night, a group of friends from St. Giles family Mass Community got together with Mary Pat to pray and begin to organize Mary Pat’s Community of Care.  We are using the book Share The Care which gives a format for structuring a care group so that no one gets overwhelmed or burned out, and Mary Pat is relieved of the burden of asking for help.

With prayers and laughter, we made a list of all of Mary Pat’s friends and family.  We will be calling or emailing to invite you to the meeting.”

 From Mary Pat’s Community of Care Blog

“I found your book about two and a half years ago when a friend was being treated for cancer. I was the coordinator of her Share The Care™ group and the book told me everything I needed to get started. We took care of our friend until she died in April of 1999 and it was a profound experience.

During that time, I spoke to several churches in the Madison WI area about Share The Care™ and many more groups have been formed.”

 L. Dillenberg

“I was a Funny Family (what original STC groups were called) member for a dear neighbor, Bobbie Dean, 11 years ago as she entered final stage of breast cancer.  Our Priest gathered her Funny Family (all neighbors) to teach us to help her through her death.  I see the experience as one of the highlights of my life.

I  hope to help others when I have more time in my life and to teach others how to Share The Care for people they care about.”

Chrissy Akers

“March 29 marks the anniversary of my mother’s death.  It seems fitting that I should recognize the enormous contribution Share The Care made in her comfort and will being right up to her final hour…..

In a state of emotional and physical fatigue, I dropped in to Hospice Peterborough to ask for guidance.  Sherry gave me Share The Care.  Within two days, my sister and I met with our chosen leader from outside the family.  Within a week, he led a meeting at my mother’s church with 35 people who, with a few others, formed our Circle of Care…….

With the system in place.  I devoted my time to Mum.  I had only to communicate with the leader and everything was taken care of.  The whole family felt the support and love of Mum’s Circle of Care.”  

Sylvia Cashmore

“We really have the BEST team of volunteers from my church and other surrounding churches (even my church back in WACO have been helping out tremendously!!!)  I needed to send a separate “shout out” to all the wonderful people who are still coming over to love on these kiddos and help me with the daily dishes, laundry, bottles, cleaning, feeding, playing…and allowing me to get out of the house!.

Linda Gibson is the mastermind behind the organized group and I couldn’t imagine getting through these last few months with our her.  I also wanted to thank everyone who is still bringing food over…We are just overwhelmed.

If anyone is ever interested in how we got this group going…Linda and I would love to talk with you about it.  We got the idea from Share The Care.”

From a blog post by the mother of the Steece Quadruplets

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to organize 3 Share The Care groups within my parish community…we called the ministry “Circle of Hands”…each one was different and required different levels of support…it was amazing.  Now 6 years later in a new state I may begin another group.

What a gift this is.  Thank you.  I just read Cappy’s story…amazing..I’m without words, my mind and heart are reeling.  This is a true testimony to the power of love, community…the power of God…I will keep Share The care in my prayers, it is a true blessing.”

Dianna Haussmann


“We are just now forming our group to be “launched” in September as a new ministry for our church, so we are not sure how many caregivers/recipients there will be.  We do have church members suffering with MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, etc. So I know the care group will be very helpful.

 We are starting with assisting people in our congregation, then hoping to expand to come along side their extended families and friends, and eventually to the community surrounding the church.

I had volunteered in a Share The Care™ group at another church a few years ago.

It’s such an honor to serve the Lord with these folks, since several of the volunteer caregivers have or are suffering from diseases or other issues themselves.  It’s a great Inspiration.”

 Paula J. Shore
Edgewood Baptist Church
Edmonds, WA


“A Durango-based ecumenical Bible-study group for women has developed a secular ministry to help the ill or injured through trying times.

Member’s of Great ol’ Broads of God’s, who started meeting about eight years ago, learned by chance last year of Share The Care, a system that spreads the commonplace tasks of caregiving among many volunteers.  The Great ol’ Broads adopted the system, a national model, and saw it work with one of their own.

…Great ‘ol Broad Pat Robertson of Durango learned about Share The Care last year when she helped a terminally ill friend in Dixon,  N.M.  The friend received her diagnosis of cancer in April and died in June. But during the interval, Robertson saw what seemed like the entire community join the care brigade.

‘It was very effective’, Robertson says.”

 A Small Excerpt From The Durango Herald
Sharing The Care by Dale Rodebaugh

“It has been a terribly sad deterioration, and (Lynn’s) ability to communicate has changed in the last few weeks. Lynn has many friends and our STC group remains at about 20. We have changed our five member women’s group of 30 years from visiting in each other’s homes to meeting at her nursing facility every other week. She can no longer attend church and so her Friend’s group comes to her once a month. Lynn is frightened by the changes happening to her, and since her memory is declining as well, she cannot remember our daily visits, but we continue to go since when we are with her, she calms down and feels safer.

The facility staff has often commented on her loving group. Her roommate has become an unofficial part of the group and we all appreciate her caring, too. I call her Lynn’s Guardian Angel….

This is a difficult time for the STC group, as well, in dealing with our own feelings of loss and sorrow for our friend, but we have called on one another to support each other and share that caring as well.”

Bonnie Chollet

“We would not have been able to get through this like we did, if not for Share The Care, Andrea said. “It made all the difference to have people coming alongside us, because, with a long-term illness like Peter’s, you feel like you are drowning, like you are going under. The Share the Care people were the life savers that brought us back to the surface and held us up in ways that we never could have imagined.”                                                              

On Faith: Share The Care
by Cindy Trane Christeson a story about Peter and Andrea Devin (Peter had ALS)
Newport Beach Independent Newspaper

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