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4 Page Comprehensive Handout

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Where to begin!
Seven Principles
Important Suggestions
Create an Emergency Plan

Create an Emergency Plan

The following information is CRITICAL and must be an attached to the Yellow Pages. Every person in the group should carry their yellow pages with them at all times. A copy of the yellow pages should be kept near every telephone in the patient’s home as well. And post a copy on the refrigerator door so that it is accessible to a visitor. If care recipient is in hospice care you want to call them rather than the EMS especially if the patient has a DNR (do not resuscitate) order.

You will find the Yellow Pages in our Form Downloads

Finding the People Who Care

The following is a list that may help people who are ill find the people for their unique caregiver group. If you go through the list with them, you will find that there are many who care. People you never heard of. People you never expected. People who feel just like you do. They want to help but don’t know how. Even if there are items on the list that do not apply to your friend, it will surely spark some additional ideas.

Encourage both men and women, young and old, close friends and casual acquaintances, people who have been caregivers and people who haven’t, people who want to do a lot, people who can do only a little. The more different backgrounds and abilities you have in the group, the more you’ll be able to help. There are enough jobs in every caregiver group so that every man, woman, teen and child can find a suitable job.


The Seven Principles as a PDF


During the years that Susan’s Group was in operation, certain issues came up again and again. In dealing with these issues, we discovered there were some guiding principles that seemed to hold all of us together through the good times and the tough times. They were somehow keys to our ability to work together and they proved themselves over and over. We call them The Seven Principles, and as you prepare to take part in a caregiver group we urge you to keep these points in mind: