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Do you know how many of your employees are also family caregivers?

Statistics show that today, one in three people are the unpaid caregivers to a parent, spouse, partner, disabled child, sibling, or ill friend, qualifying them as family caregivers. Most often they are women in what we often call the “sandwich generation” – caring for an ailing parent as well as their own family.

And because of the burden of this additional role of caregiver, that lasts much longer than 9–5, they are more often less productive on the job as they would want to be due to the added stresses and inevitable depression.

The NYCP4FC Corps has aligned six non-profit organizations to help corporate leaders learn more about the financial impact of family caregiving and to offer diverse ways to address this issue.

Originally sponsored by an existing “Care for the Family Caregiver” Initiative at EmblemHealth, the Partnership was launched to unite six generalists, already in the business of helping communities. The NYCP4FC Corpsprovides a full complement of services and information to address the many faces of family caregiving (not just the elderly) in a campaign of Awareness, Acceptance and Action.

Through programs, services, interventions, educational outreach and customized offerings, the NYCP4FC Corps seeks to help corporations improve their bottom line by helping their staff meet the challenges of both employee and caregiver roles with grace and dignity.

An Article in ‘Provider: Long Term & Post-Acute Care‘ Magazine:
New York Corps Rethinks Value of Family Care – Click to download/read it as a PDF

Most recently the NYCP4FCC has been part of two very large Family Caregiving Summits titled: “NAME IT; KNOW ITS MANY FACES”

Fordam University
HOSTED BY: Fordham University
SPONSORED BY: EmblemHealth and NYCP4FC Corps

The American Academy of Medicine
NY Academy of Medicine
SPONSORED BY: EmblemHealth’s NYC Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps in partnership with: Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service: Be the Evidence Project

Both conferences were aimed at attracting the following audiences:

  • A caregiver or a corporation interested in addressing your employee’s caregiving issues
  • A member of an organization that supports caregiving
  • A care recipient
  • Anyone interested in family caregiving issue

To learn more please contact and visit the website:

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