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You’re in a corporation looking for resources and ways to support
employees who are also caring for a family member as well as
employees undergoing treatment themselves.

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Tackling the issue of supporting family caregivers in the workplace and employees undergoing treatment requires the effort of a multi-faceted and compassionate TEAM in order to make a significant impact.


Share The Care™ (STC) is honored to be a Co-Chair of the NYC Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps created and sponsored by EmblemHealth to help businesses and their employees reduce the impact on productivity due to family caregiving issues.  The members include:

Executive Co-Chair
Gregory Johnson, EmblemHealth

Sheila Warnock, Share The Care™
Marion Gambardella, Spiritual Conditioning for Family Caregivers
Catherine Thurston, SAGE
Maggie Monroe-Richter, Intersections International

Ali Hodin Baier, Aging in New York Fund

Peter Strauss, Esq., Epstein, Becker & Green
Dr. Robin Fenley, New York City Department for the Aging
Gail Gibson Hunt, National Alliance for Caregiving

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The Corps is the brainchild of Greg Johnson.  His vision for the Corps follows:

FAMILY CAREGIVING has many faces and at some point in our lives each of us becomes a family caregiver and most of us will also be cared for by others.

Family Caregivers are the backbone of the world’s healthcare systems…both families of origin and families of choice.  We at EmblemHealth applaud and salute each.

The intersection, the convergence of work life and family caregiving is an important point of focus that for too long has not been given its needed attention.  Recent studies have shown that corporate USA loses between $17 and 38 BILLION annually for family caregiving related issues…absenteeism and presenteeism are only the beginning points for this loss.  I have always felt we are persons dedicated to family caregiving and family caregivers can help to change that.   Fortunately, EmblemHealth, a NYC base Health and Wellness Corporation has been bringing focus, attention, awareness, tools and resources to family caregivers for well over a decade and I have been the person blessed to create and implement EmblemHealth’s Care for the Family Caregiver Initiative.

It is true that with family caregiving one cannot PAY it away; PRAY it away or PRESCRIBE it away…YOU NEED ALL THREE…but ultimately you need to go through it and it is our hope that you will GROW through it.

To that end with the support of EmblemHealth…I created the NYC PARTNERSHIP FOR FAMILY CAREGIVING CORPS…literally an “army” for the corporations…and “army” of family caregiving “generalists” who stand ready to help bring about AWARENESS…ACCEPTANCE and ACTION…bringing help and hope to family caregivers and their care recipients alike.

Sheila Warnock and SHARE THE CARE™…are key, vital partners in this mission. We salute you with deep gratitude and affection.  Onward…

Gregory L. Johnson
Director, Community Outreach
Creator: EmblemHealth’s
Care for the Family Caregiver Program