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ShareTheCaregiving: a program of the National Center for Civic Innovation

What STC Group Members Say

I think the (STC) book was the best piece of information we received in all our searching.  It is the greatest and I recommend it to everyone who asks about our situation.  I wish that all hospitals could hand it out when they give you a diagnosis for ALS.  I wish you could get a grant to have it placed in every hospital waiting room and doctor’s office.  Everyone knows someone who could benefit from reading it.

Kathryn Field


The process used to set up the opening STC gathering was very loving, embracing, energizing and affirming – I think I can say we all felt that way…I was so humbled and gratified to hear of the ways I had impacted on others so much that they were willing to help me and my family as my care needs increase.   

 I also found comfort in hearing how some thought this could also benefit them in their lives right now – as part of the facilitated process that went very well.  I felt the circle concept of giving and receiving – which I am most comfortable with.

Dianne Rhein


“A STC team is a lifelong gift, not only for the recipient, but for the family of the person in need.  We now meet as a group each year on the anniversary of Linda’s death to celebrate her life.  These are truly amazing people.”

Aymee, Linda’s daughter


“But the best gift Share The Care gave to me personally was the gift of time. The program allowed me to spend more quality time with Kevin. I knew my time with him was limited, and I didn’t want to waste it going grocery shopping or running to the cleaners. I wanted to be with him as much as possible.

While a caregiver to Kevin, I was also the mother of a young child. I often felt torn between caring for Kevin and our daughter Alina. I made the decision to ask our Share The Care group to help with Alina’s extracurricular activities. Volunteers came through, and their help brought me great joy.”

Jodi O’Donnell Ames

“When I see the Reevettes (my sister’s Share The Care group,) I will thank them, for their help.  I know I will hear in their response: “gift,” “privilege,” “honor.“  One group member told me recently, ‘it’s one of the best things I’ve done with my life.’

“Maybe my sister is living longer because of us.  I know we are living better because of her.”

 Karin Reeve
 Sharing The Care by Carry Marriot, ALS Independence

 “Melia definitely had Angels sent her way through Share the Care!  We will always be grateful for the extra special Loving Care and Comfort that Melia and her whole family received thanks to STC!!  This has been an epic challenge and will continue to be so as we move forward in her recovery.  But I can’t say enough about how much of a blessing STC has been! Our gratitude always.”

Sally Blades


I want to let you know that the meeting to set up Doreen’s Doers went really well. We managed to contain it to 2 1/2 hours and Doreen stayed throughout. She was unable to talk very much as, for the first time since she told me of her diagnosis, she was emotional. It was seeing so many friends who want to help and she couldn’t say much, which is not typical!  I gave her other opportunities later on.

Margaret Eldridge


As Lynn is able to function less the grieving among group members increases.  We all try to help Lynn with her grief and we are planning some meetings for those who want /need support with their grief and other feelings. 

We’re so glad that you and Cappy wrote the book and that more and more people are less isolated in their caregiving and care receiving.  Share the Care enriches the lives of so many people in a myriad of ways.  I’d love for everyone to know about this model!”

Suzanne Maschmeyer


“Without my group, I would have been paralyzed.  I was constantly going to doctors.  I had no money and no insurance.  I had this tremendous fear: How am I going to pay for my Medicare supplement?  How am I going to pay for my bone marrow transplant?  They were brilliant.  They went so far beyond the call of duty.  I said I needed money, and bing bang, boom, there it was!”

Francine Cina (her group did many fundraisers)


“I look at life differently now. I spend more time with positive influences, try to enjoy life more and don’t get as upset with things that in the past would have greatly upset me. Everyone, once in their life should have the opportunity to experience people working together to help other people. There’s no better fulfillment in life than to know that maybe you made one hour, one day or more a little brighter for someone.”

J. Ambrose


“I would do it again without even thinking. I would do it for a friend of a friend. I would even do it for a stranger.”

J. St. Martin, Redbook Magazine


We went from a bunch of confused people who really cared about this little family, to this incredible network. We’re set up so no one person does it all. No one gets burnt out and Linda and Bob (her son) always have someone there for them.”

S. Jansen
The Orange County Register


“I never imagined so many people would hold a ‘meeting’ for me. It’s actually hard to accept, to say ‘I need help’. But sharing all this gives me more peace of mind especially about Ben.” (her son)

L. Simpson
The Orange County Register


“Family is not always defined by blood or marriage, but more often by love and commitment to each other.”

E. Farrow Savos
daughter of Susan
(the first “Funny Family” aka STC)


“It takes a lot of stamina, a lot of commitment, a lot of focus, a lot of giving up and starting over again. A lot of ‘I don’t think I can do this? and a lot of ‘oh yes, you can.’… The Share The Care™ group has helped make it easier to give Rick the highest quality of life possible whether he’s on the track of living or on the track of dying.”

M. Stevens
The Santa Fe Reporter


“I was still very weak and I could only attend half of the meeting, but it was very powerful and it made me very happy. I felt a greater degree of security, as though I was part of something bigger. I learned how wonderful and compassionate people could be. I didn’t feel like a burden because I realized that people get something valuable for themselves out of helping out.”

R. Stevens
The Santa Fe Reporter


“I learned the ‘facts of life’…that we will all die. Somehow it isn’t as frightening as it was. And that if we ask for help, it’s there. And though we may feel alone, if we have courage to let others in, others will be there.”

 M. Schreibman


“We would not have been able to get through this like we did, if not for STC, Andrea said. “It made all the difference to have people coming alongside us, because, with a long-term illness like Peter’s (ALS), you feel like you are drowning, like you are going under. The STC people were the life savers that brought us back to the surface and held us up in ways that we never could have imagined.”

Peter and Andrea Devin