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First Meeting

First Meeting

The job of getting a group up and running requires two people. Chapters 2-9 in the handbook are written specifically to them with step-by-step directions for working with the care recipient/caregiver. (click here to see Table of Contents)

Organizing the first meeting is not something the family caregiver nor for the care recipient should attempt to take on.

We call these two people, for the purpose of organizing the group only, the leader and the coordinator.  They work with the caregiver and/or care recipient to determine two key issues:

•  who to invite to the meeting
•  what kind of help will be needed

There are lists of suggestions in the planning chapters.

Next they will read and follow the directions for putting together the meeting that is modeled on the first one held by the original STC group.  It is scripted making it easy for them to move quickly through the time needed and cover each and every aspect of bonding the group members and to introduce the forms and systems they will be using.

We suggest once a group is operational that the STC book be circulated among the participants so that everyone can benefit from the suggestions, examples, and ideas.

Materials needed to help you start

Purchase the STC handbook online
Download the STC Forms needed for the First Meeting
Download the STC Forms to manage group activities
Download advice for keeping your group together
    First Weeks suggestions, 7 Principles

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