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The Loving Goal of a Global Faith Community Comes to Life with Share The Care™: “The Gift of Love”


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    The Care Crew

    The First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills is applying Share The Care to improve the quality of life of caregivers and care recipients across an entire church community. More than 40 of 150 members are actively involved..

    One of three coordinators explains: “It’s a lovely thing that is emerging in our church. Between quarterly meetings, people volunteer for whatever they feel energized and able to do. Whenever a need arises, a team of 3-6 caregivers comes together to take up the charge.”

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    The church’s care teams include:

    Members of a Pastoral Care Crew offer a listening ear for those who request ongoing counseling.
    An On Call Emergency & Shut-In Crew responds to urgent care needs and makes hospital visits.
    A few individuals are offering in-home assistance and transportation to medical appointments for a friend who is challenged by her own illness.
    One team makes sure that a member has a ride to and from church each Sunday, accompanies her to medical appointments, and divvies up daily phone calls to check-in on her.
    One team makes weekly phone calls to check-in on a member who is having trouble with her eyes.
    One team looks for ways to assist a woman whose father is living at home with Alzheimer’s.
    “We have all experienced what happens when one person shoulders too much responsibility as a caregiver. We’re not letting that happen here, ” explains a father of two from Jamaica.

    “Our Care Crew needs to grow and continue for a long, long time,” attests a father of six from Zambia.

    A Columbian mental health professional adds: “It’s really nice to have a group like this in our church, where meetings open and close with prayer, and relationships grow deeper.”.

    A senior participant concludes (in her wonderful Portuguese accent): “This is what going to church is really all about: Loving each other!”

    This group is happy to assist other congregations and faith-based communities to Share The Care™.

    Contact: to explore possibilities.

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