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Monthly Archives: December 2020

SHARE THE CARE End of Year Appeal

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December 2020
Dear Share The Care™ Community,
This has been one of the loneliest and darkest years on the planet. Yet HOPE is on the horizon with vaccines that have been developed to eradicate the pandemic. It won’t be an instant fix and it may take some time before we can come together again, without masks, for work, entertainment and sports events, celebrations, and travel. Most of all, we do believe this year has given the world a renewed appreciation of all of our individual relationships, and we anticipate that “No One Should Have To Go It Alone” will take on significant meaning when it comes to caregiving, kindness and community.
All ongoing efforts making new contacts and booking in-person presentations, master classes, keynotes and trainings for 2020 came crashing to a halt early in the year and led us to re-evaluate everything. Our goal for 2021 is to take all of our educational offerings online. To start, this meant recreating our full-day training for professionals into segments to be delivered over consecutive days. Recently, we did our first STC ZOOM training for Lifespan of Rochester and turned our problem into a solution to reach and teach globally.
2021 MARKS THE 25th ANNIVERSARY OF OUR SHARE THE CARE BOOK! In keeping with such an important milestone, we have a NEW logo and will be introducing a NEW STC website in 2021. We are excited to turn another page in our organization’s evolution and venture into new areas where the STC model can make a profound difference (discharge planning and extend STC educational offerings to students of social work and nursing). 
Your support and belief in our work has kept us going strong since 2003. Now, we truly need your gifts to sustain our efforts during these unpredictable times. This year, all of our STC newsletters focused on ways to stay safe and offer help, without in-person contact, and as always, STC groups have embraced the challenge.
Whether you are part of a STC group; or been helped by one; or use STC as a resource for your work with caregivers, please take action now. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL. Please make a tax-deductible donation of $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 now and support STC’s ready-made action plan to organize and sustain a group of friends and neighbors to pool their efforts and support someone they know. Please keep in mind that a STC group is truly critical for people who live alone and have no family nearby to help.
Donate online at and click on ‘SUPPORT US‘.  Or send a check, payable to ShareTheCaregiving/NCCI and mail to:
c/o The National Center for Civic Innovation, 6thfloor
121 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013-1590
Sheila Warnock
Founder & President
If you are on a STC team, or being supported by one, you can inspire others, as well as increase visibility of STC, by sharing your group’s videos, photos or stories with us. 
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