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Monthly Archives: April 2015


The Maggie Kuhn awards are presented yearly by Presbyterian Senior Services.    Last Thursday at the Harvard Club in New York City, the Rev. Greg Johnson from EmblemHealth gave Sheila a beautiful and touching introduction.

In her speech Sheila expressed her thanks to Maggie Kuhn for changing the world for people over 65 by standing up, and speaking out and to PSS for how humbled she was to be among their list of illustrious past award winners.  She acknowledged the many contributions of the members of her organization, their funders and supporters.  She also described her early years after founding the organization and the warm encouragement she received from the members of the NYC Family Caregiver Coalition.   Greg Johnson received her  special thanks for being a true champion of Share The Care from the minute she met him years ago.


The Maggie Kuhn Award

The 2015 Recipients were:

Thomas Kamber
Executive Director of OATS and Founder of Senior Planet

Sheila Warnock
Founder and President, ShareTheCaregiving aka Share The Care™

Laura Jervis and David Taylor
Visionary Founders of the PSS/WSF Grandparent Family Apartments


Some of those who attended.

Some of those who attended.