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2013 Online Appeal & News Highlights

December 2013
Just last weekend, prior to starting my Share The Care™ presentation, I asked the audience to raise their hand if they were, had been, or anticipated being a caregiver in the near future. EVERY SINGLE PERSON had a hand up.

Most of them were unaware that nearly one third of our population (65 million people) are serving in a caregiving role and burning out fast. Or that many more caregivers will be needed as our aging Baby Boomer population doubles in size to 71 million by 2030, or that the number of younger people who might serve as caregivers is dwindling. And to make matters worse, that there won’t be enough professionals to care for everyone in need.

As our government continues to seek ways of slicing budget spending, any help that might have been available is fast disappearing. Every day brings another threat that Medicare and Medicaid could be downsized or that other much – needed programs will end.

The caregiving crisis isn’t coming…it is here.

Our work is crystal clear: The Share The Care™ model must be made much more visible and accessible for the people who are new to caregiving and to those struggling without help. We are the original “voice of group caregiving.” However, for us to sustain our efforts to help caregivers through our educational programs and advocacy – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Are you aware that we are a totally volunteer driven organization? We work on a shoestring budget and with outdated technical equipment so that making advancements takes much longer than it need be. It took years to raise the money to start to rebuild our home website, And we are still seeking funding to finalize the Journey Dashboard that will allow individual Share The Care groups to communicate and operate online. People often ask us “Don’t book sales cover your costs?” Absolutely not. Celebrities and popular authors get handsome royalties, not a guidebook for caregivers.

Every day health professionals and the clergy tell us that the work we are doing is increasingly valuable and of huge social importance. They see, firsthand, the need for us to continue to expand our programs into many more communities.   As one participant from a recent training wrote in his evaluation:

“Such a wonderful experience in caring for our fellow human beings. An outstanding example of

high quality human service .”  

– G. Pestow, RN


The good news is that work has commenced on a totally new home website (due to debut in 2014) that will target our diverse audiences more effectively: caregivers and concerned friends, health professionals, faith communities, and corporations. Combined with the powerful word-of-mouth marketing that you and others can generate, and with your generous financial support, Share The Care can continue to support individual caregivers in need and be part of the solution to the caregiving crisis.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $100, $500 or $1,000 to help us grow and expand our reach. If you are part of a Share The Care group, please reflect on your experience, and the value of having a ready-made plan to get up and running to help with your care recipient’s challenges. If we have made a difference in your experience as a caregiver, please forward this appeal to all of your group members and ask them to donate, or consider pooling your funds to make one large donation.


HOW YOU CAN GIVE: You may donate online at:  www.sharethecare.orgor if you prefer by check.   We also invite you to designate your gift in honor of a friend or loved one.

Please make checks payable to ShareTheCaregiving/NCCI, and send to:


ShareTheCaregiving, Inc.

c/o The National Center for Civic Innovation – 6th floor

121 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10013-1590

Please continue to tell others about your experience with the model – your Share The Care group photos and stories are always welcome for our website. These do much to inspire others.   Also, do visit and “LIKE US” on

Like us on Facebook Facebook (Share The Care)

Follow us on Twitter Twitter (ShareTheCareOrg)    

All of us at ShareTheCaregiving wish you and yours A Happy Holiday Season.   With gratitude for your much needed support,   Sheila   Sheila Warnock Founder & President     HOW YOUR DONATIONS CAN HELP:

Donations will go towards the cost of books, and creating, printing, and mailing our other training and educational program materials.  Routinely, when contacted by a health organization or a faith community interested in using the model to help their population, or seeking to host our professional training, we mail them A PACKET of our materials.

  Currently the equipment used for trainings and presentations is over 11 years old.  Since our focus is teaching and presenting (often travelling to do so) updated technology is critical.

2013 Share The Care™ Highlights
Training at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Oahu

56 health professionals attended our training for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Oahu.  Left to right: Joan Foley, Hospice & Palliative Care Coordinator, Sheila, and Kimi Chun (Pegs Legs) STC Outreach Director.
With Herb Weatherwax
a WWII Pearl Harbor Veteran

A Meaningful Award!

CareCrew at The First Presbytarian Church of Forest Hills
The Care Crew at The First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills
is going strong with 40 active members. sharing the care.

Lady Godiva Awards Sheila with Lauren Bush Lauren Sheila was named The Local East Coast Fall 2012 Lady Godiva Honoree with her is Lauren Bush Lauren, The First National Lady Godiva Honoree and Founder of
The NYC Partnership 4 Family Caregiving Corps
The NYC Partnership 4 Family Caregiving Corps
(Share The Care is one of the founding members)
We will participate in Caregiving Summits at Fordham University.
The STC Stations Program in rural Wisconsin funded by GWAAR   The STC Stations Program in rural Wisconsin funded by GWAAR now has12 STC Stations operational and 3 more in the works. STC Stations provide information and coaching for anyone wanting to start a STC group.
Kuai Hospice

The STC program through Kauai Hospice is helping families island wide. Mary Ann Nordwall on her weekly visit to provide support for Melia.

Manning the table at a church event STC Administrator, Phyllis Waisman  and Office Manager, Betty Himmelsbach

Manning the table at a church event

STC Administrator, Phyllis Waisman and Office Manager, Betty Himmelsbach


Created for us at TEDMED

2013 TEDMED. We won a scholarship to attend this amazing

3-day event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and participate in the discussions on the caregiving crisis.

Annual Family Caregivers Awards Luncheon
Family Caregivers Award to Sheila Warnock
Program from a luncheon hosted by Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment (in honor of National Family Caregivers Month) “Community Service Award” presented to Sheila at the event in November

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