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Non-profit Organization
ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc.
is a not-for-profit organization and is
registered with New York State,
Department of Law, Charities Bureau.

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Share The Care™ model and ShareTheCaregiving™ the organization.
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On July 1, 2008 ShareTheCaregiving™, Inc. put it’s 501c3 into hibernation in order to go under the fiscal umbrella (501c3) of the National Center for Civic Innovation (aka The Fund for the City of New York.) This prestigious association will provide our organization with needed fiscal and administrative management services. Our mission/vision remains the same.

ShareTheCaregiving™ is dedicated to educating the caregiving communities about the effectiveness of the Share The Care™ model, and making it more accessible throughout the country. It is focusing on its goal by teaching, presentations and networking by its Founder and President, Sheila Warnock and the Volunteer Directors of Outreach Support.


Because family caregivers often tend to be isolated, depressed and less likely to reach out for help, we are targeting the health professionals and the clergy. They are in contact with caregivers and patients everyday and in the best position to identify those who could benefit from the support of a Share The Care™ group.

Currently, ShareTheCaregiving™ offers one day training sessions to help nurses, social workers, mental health workers, hospital personnel, hospice nurses, geriatric case managers, and clergy understand the model and how they can assist in the formation of groups for individuals in their communities. If your organization (or several organizations in collaboration) would like to host a full day training please contact us. Click here for more details and fees. We can tailor a workshop, presentation, or training to fit your specific needs. (Click here to read the comments of participants)

If your organization is interested in a presentation or workshop for your caregivers and patients please contact us, for more details and fees: Click here we will be happy to work with you to tailor a presentation to your specific audience.

By learning from Share The Care™ groups that were created since the book was first published in 1995, we were able to add their valuable suggestions and ideas into our second edition.

We are continuously seeking to improve our model and you can help us. If you currently participate in a group, have in the past, or plan one in the near future, please take a moment to respond to our questionnaire in the JOIN US section. We need to hear about your experiences and to learn from them.

This past year, whenever possible, we started putting new groups in touch with existing groups (or past groups) to exchange ideas and information. We try to match those in similiar circumstances based on the feedback you provide. The more we know about your group and where you are located, and if you are willing to share your experience with others, the faster we can create a better network.

So far, Share The Care™ groups have been found in at least 33 states as well as Canada, Israel, and Switzerland. The handbook has been published in Brazil and is also available in the United Kingdom.

Our organization is collecting names and information from those who have been in Share The Care™ groups and are helping others to start groups or talking about the experience at their church or local community centers.

We are also seeking qualified people around the country who could eventually help us with training and lectures. We'd love to know if you have been part of a Share The Care™ group or are a health professional, clergy, teacher, nursing or social work student. Please contact us: Click here

ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc.


ShareTheCaregiving™, Inc. seeks to improve the "quality of life" of persons who are seriously ill, disabled, or experiencing the challenges of aging, and to reduce stress, depression, isolation and economic hardship often suffered by their family caregivers.  
Share The Care™ can revolutionize caregiving in the United States by introducing a new paradigm in which ordinary people pool their efforts to help ease the burden on family caregivers and help those without family nearby.  

Caregiving responsibility tends to fall upon one or two family members, often resulting in caregiver burnout, isolation of those in need of care, and high rates of institutionalization for patients lacking adequate social supports.

Our Share The Care™ model has the potential to shift the current paradigm to a cost-effective, supportive, community-based alternative for caregiving. Share The Care™ works for a broad range of adult and childhood conditions, diseases and disabilities, as well as for eldercare. The paradigm shift embodied by Share The Care™ comes not a moment too soon, as demographic trends suggest that in the first half of the 21st century the aging of the vast baby boomer generation could overwhelm the nation’s existing system of long-term care.


Sheila Warnock

Founder and President of ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc.

Sheila has combined her life experiences as a three-time caregiver, co-author and lecturer with her creative and advertising background skills to create the materials and programs the organization uses to communicate its message and carry out its mission. Her unique perspective on caregiving comes from having been a solitary caregiver for her mother and then part of a Share The Care™ group for her friend, Susan Farrow, and again years later for Co-author Cappy Capossela. These group experiences as well as the experiences of groups around the country, who have successfully used this model, have reinforced Sheila’s determination to inform the public about this collaborative approach to caregiving on a global basis. It is her dream that people everywhere involved in making caregiving decisions will view Share The Care™ model as a viable and rewarding option.

Today, together with the dedication, and skills of the Volunteer Outreach Directors, and the talents of the Board of Directors, Share The Care™ ’s visibility is growing rapidly.  Professional interest is building nationally as more groups, organizations and programs start adopting the model to help meet the surge in caregiving needs

Sheila serves on the Executive Committee of the NYC Family Caregiver Coalition and is a member of the American Society on Aging, and the National Speakers Association. Sheila sits on the HealthCare Chaplaincy’s Residence Advisory Committee for a Palliative Care Campus. In 2011, she was named (out of over 2,100 submissions) one of 10 L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth Honorees for her achievements and outstanding commitment to community service.

Most recently, EmblemHealth invited Share The Care to be a founding member of the NYC Partnership 4 Family Caregiving Corps with a focus on helping working caregivers.

(Click here for a PDF of Sheila's full bio.)

Contact Sheila by email: Click here
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Phyllis Califano

Volunteer Administrator to the Organization

After spending over 30 years in the advertising industry, Phyllis has retired to the world of volunteering at ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. Phyllis was a Group Director on pharmaceuticals accounts at McCann Erickson.

Sheila Warnock and Phyllis worked together years ago at Doyle Dane Bernbach, the first advertising agency job for each of them.  After a happen-stance meeting, Phyllis decided to devote part of her retired life to assist Sheila in the back-office work for Share The Care.

Phyllis and her husband live in the Chelsea neighborhood and are active members of their Co-op Board of Directors. 

Contact Phyllis by email: Click here

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Betty HImmesbach

Betty Himmelsbach
Volunteer Office Manager

After leaving Oxford University Press Inc. where she managed the office of the CFO and the General Counsel, she found Share The Care where her management and organizational skills were set to good use. Much of her career was in publishing where she wrote monthly columns for McGraw Hill’s textile magazine. From a textile magazine her work life then transferred to the creative area of textile design and fabric manufacturing.

Later, years of working with the General Counsel of a TV and Radio company is now proving useful at Share The Care in the restructuring its systems and procedures. Living in a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) has led to spreading the word about Share The Care where the response has been amazing when issues about care giving invariably arise.

Contact Betty by email: Click here

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Ed Cummins

Ed Cummins
Volunteer Social Media Coordinator

Ed began volunteering with Share The Care™ in October 2012 when he was living in New York. He currently works as an administrator at London's King's College Hospital and has spent the majority of his career in the public sector, with roles at the Ministry of Justice in London and both the British and Australian Consulates in New York. He has also worked in marketing for the British and English Tourist Boards.

Ed lives with his wife in London, England. His hobbies include travel, watching live music, football and baseball.

Contact Ed by email: Click here

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Ed Cummins

Christie Taylor
Volunteer Graphic Designer

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts at York College, CUNY, Christie Taylor began her graphic arts career as a print production designer. Her assignments included editing newsletters and magazine layouts, catalogues and commercial ads. She moved into web design and created graphics and design templates for websites and email newsletters.

Having always been enamored by the dynamics of story telling for television, Ms. Taylor designed a online magazine dedicated to one of her favorite television shows, “Moonlighting,” which starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Ms. Taylor independently published eleven print and online issues that ranged from 40 to 140 pages. The magazine was well received and credited as being the catalyst for ABC and Lionsgate’s decision to produce and distribute “Moonlighting” on DVD. From the success of the magazine, Ms. Taylor worked on several web design projects. She also focused a large part of her time to study television writing by attending workshops, writing spec and original scripts.  She has also studied copy writing and improv comedy.

Ms. Taylor experienced the complex emotionally stressful life of being caregiver when her mother was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer Multiple Myeloma. Sadly in 2009 her mother lost her battle and in 2013 Christie’s aunt passed on from the same disease. This experience of loss drives Ms. Taylor’s interest to volunteer with Share The Care, to help increase awareness for caregivers who are in need of support.

Currently, Ms. Taylor is about to complete post-production on her original web series pilot entitled “F.P.I.: Film Private Eye”. The project is set to launch in February 2014.

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Claire Culbertson

Volunteer Director of Outreach and Volunteer Support (Mid West)
Claire received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Sonoma State University in northern California, and her Master of Public Health degree from San Diego State University. She was employed at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center as an Outreach Specialist, where for two years she coordinated a program to introduce the Share The Care™ model to health care professionals, parish nurses and clergy in central and southern Wisconsin. The Cancer Center received grant support to conduct the program, and additional grant support also enabled Claire to facilitate the formation of Share The Care™ groups for women with breast cancer.

In 2003 Claire officially joined Sheila Warnock in her efforts to found ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc. and to continue to develop ways to spread the word about the Share The Care™ model to communities, parishes and healthcare providers in the Midwest as well as other parts of the country.

Since 2003, Claire has administered the National Family Caregiver Support Program in Madison, WI at the Area Agency on Aging of Dane County. In this role, Claire chairs a large coalition of professionals and volunteers through a Caregiver Alliance to provide information, resources, training and support to family caregivers, as well as informing employers and health professionals about the program.

Claire recently joined the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR) to lead the "Share The Care Project." Claire will train professionals in five different areas of the state to develop Share The Care Stations; a virtual location where friends and families can learn about how to start a Share The Care group for someone in need of support.

Contact Claire Culbertson by email: Click here

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Susan Poor

Volunteer Director of Outreach and Volunteer Support (West Coast)
Susan is the Director of Innovation & Business Development at On Lok in San Francisco. On Lok has served frail, low-income seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years through the PACE model - the Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly. On Lok created Susan’s role in 2012 to expand On Lok's services to a broader population. Susan is a specialist in community approaches to aging, the Village model, systems of practical and social supports needed by older adults, end-of-life care, family caregiving, health care reform, and managed care. Prior to joining On Lok, Susan worked with the Village-to-Village Network to replicate Villages nationwide. As Owner/Principal of Susan Poor Consulting, she worked for 10 years with local governments and nonprofit providers on a wide range of aging and health-related projects.  Susan has also served as Vice President of Hospice By The Bay, Director of Patient and Family Services with the Greater Bay Area ALS Association, and Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Marin.

Susan is a Founder of San Francisco Village and Vice President of its Board of Directors, Co-Chair of the San Francisco Long Term Care Coordinating Council’s Aging and Disability Friendly Workgroup, West Coast Director of Outreach for Share The Care™, and an affiliate consultant with Community Strengths. In her work with On Lok and the Village movement, Susan is a leader in focusing attention on the long term care needs of middle-income seniors.

Susan has a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Brown University. She is a member of the American Society on Aging, the Gerontological Society of America, LeadingAge, and the Village-to-Village Network.

Susan’s passion for
Share The Care™ was sparked by the great caregiving needs she observed in families coping with terminal illness and the effects of long-term, debilitating chronic illness and disability. She believes that Share The Care™'s network-based approach to caregiving - which systematically, compassionately, and respectfully involves an individual's own family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others in sharing the caregiving role - can provide critically needed and affordable support for patients and families.  Susan joined ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc. in September 2005 to help increase awareness about Share The Care™ among health care providers and community-based organizations in the western part of the country.

Contact Susan Poor by email: Click here

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Jane W. Barton

Kimi Chun
Volunteer Director of Outreach and Volunteers (Hawaiian Islands)

Kimi Morton Chun lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and owns and runs the Peggy Chun Gallery, an art gallery. The gallery carries on the legacy of artist Peggy Chun, Kimi's mother-in-law, who lived the last years of her life paralyzed by ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease.)

When Peggy was diagnosed in 2002, the same year Kimi and Peggy's son Eric were married, Kimi took over the management of Peggy's art business, so that Peggy could focus on her health and painting. In 2003, Peggy's sister and best friend presented the Share The Care™ book to the family and soon after Peggy's group "Peg's Legs" was born.

Kimi developed and managed this group of volunteers that grew to include over 100 participants over the 5 plus years of Peggy's illness. Kimi served as a leader for "Peg's Legs" while simultaneously running Peggy's art business, and raising a family.

Peggy captured the "spirit of aloha" in her paintings and thrived on sharing her love of the islands (and life!) with the world. Even through her six-year battle with ALS, Peggy continued, with the help of her Share The Care™ group, to live a full and creative life, inspiring those around her with her courage, passion, and sense of humor in the face of adversity. (See DVD and Q & A with Kimi under SHARE YOUR ADVICE on this website)

Because of this profound experience, Kimi’s passion for helping and supporting other families facing similar challenges continues to grow. She has worked closely with The Muscular Dystrophy of Hawaii, the local MDA ALS Support group, the ALS Association, and ALS Therapy Development Institute. Kimi has assisted many families in developing their own Share The Care™ groups and is invited regularly to speak about the model and her experiences with Peg’s Legs.

Contact Kimi Chun by email: Click Here

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Jane W. Barton

Eugene Dufour, B.A., M Div., CFT, CFE
Volunteer Director of Outreach and Volunteer Support (South West Ontario)

Share The Care™ Coordinator for the South West Ontario Share The Care™ initiative, Eugene Dafour, encourages and manages the efforts of health professionals and clergy in the region, while also serving as our Volunteer Outreach Director for South West Ontario.

Eugene is a clinically-trained marital and family therapist, specializing in bereavement, compassion fatigue, and critical incident debriefing. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario and has been working in palliative care, mental health, and the HIV/AIDS movement for 25 years. In 2002, the Governor General of Canada presented Eugene with the Commemorative Medal for his work in hospice palliative care, at the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Contact Eugene Dufour by email: coming soon...

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Board Chairperson
Mary has more than twenty years of Marketing experience in the U.S. and overseas in the fragrance and cosmetics industry. From 1979 until she co-founded Manning Abelow at the end of 2000, she was responsible for strategic marketing and new brand development for Coty worldwide, where she headed conceptualization, product development and the introduction of such market-leading fragrances as Stetson,
! ex•cla•ma•tion, Vanilla Fields and most recently Adidas and Esprit.

Prior to Coty, Ms. Manning held positions in International Marketing at Revlon, Fabergé and Yardley as well as in Market Research at Beecham U.K.

As Senior Vice President of International Development and Licensing at Coty, Ms. Manning's primary responsibility involved identifying new product licenses, concept and market opportunities and leading her internal and external teams through all aspects of the "concept to creation" process. From research, advertising product and package supervision, to five year business plans, the focus gave her invaluable background in the complexities of brand and business building within the International consumer products industry.

Ms. Manning continues to serve as an officer on many industry boards, including Advertising Women of New York Foundation Board, Cosmetic Executive Women Trade Board, Fashion Institute of Technology's Masters Program in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing, as well as the Board of the Sense of Smell Institute. She has been instrumental in eight Fifi wins for Coty, been named YWCA woman of the year while at Pfizer as well as receiving the New York City Hometown Hero Award for charitable efforts. She is an industry event speaker and an adjunct professor at F.I.T. in Marketing/Market Research.

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Arlene Jacks
Arlene has spent the past 30 years working for key executives in high profile corporations from the advertising industry to the publishing world

During her 16 years in Creative Services and Account Management at the McCann-Erickson advertising agency, Arlene worked on many of their well-known accounts such as Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, The Miller Brewing Company, and The New York Racing Association.

Arlene left McCann-Erickson to try the client side, moving to RJR Nabisco where she began her career in event marketing. She eventually moved to a position at Millsport, Inc. where she assisted in coordinating promotional events for such major clients as Visa, Pepsi-Cola, Reebok, and American Airlines

She also served as Assistant to the President/Event Coordinator for Oxford University Press where she was responsible for the planning and execution of the company’s numerous corporate events that brought together management personnel from many of Oxford’s overseas offices. She was also responsible for the management of Oxford book-related events.

Arlene is an active volunteer for the New York Blood Center organizing blood drives at various venues. Prior to joining the board of directors of
ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc., Arlene was an active participant on the Events Committee and instrumental in pulling together the suppliers and locations needed for the organization’s first awareness event.

An avid theater-goer, she has been a strong supporter of Broadway Cares, as well as PBS and The Central Park Conservancy.

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Eileen Rogers BradyEILEEN ROGERS BRADY has worked in the advertising industry for more than 25 years, first as a Producer of TV commercials for ad agencies McCann-Erickson and Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, and currently as a partner and Executive Producer for Mathew Brady Films in New York.

She and her husband, director Mathew Brady, produce TV commercials for clients like M&M Mars, Smirnoff, Subway Foods, Hershey, Seven-Up and Jack-in-the-Box, specializing in up-close food photography.

Eileen has served as a volunteer at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit, where she was responsible for reinstating their Pediatric Volunteer program. In New York City, she volunteered at Bellevue Hospital’s Pediatric Ward, working primarily with infants born addicted to drugs, and with HIV positive infants and toddlers. A great number of these children are the “boarder babies” --- babies who live in the hospital because their parents are often incarcerated or unable to care for them because of problems like drug addiction or histories of abuse. These are the children who need to be loved, to be held and soothed and played with … things the otherwise caring staff does not have time for.

When she is not filming commercials Eileen serves on the Advisory Council of the Double “H” Hole in the Woods Ranch, one of the Hole in the Wall Camps founded by Paul Newman. Their mission is to help advance the purpose of providing children living with a critical illness an outdoor Adirondack adventure. Her responsibilities involve anything from helping to heighten public awareness of the Ranch’s important mission to working in the stables and introducing the children to the baby animals.

Eileen was a part of the first
Share The Care™ group, Susan’s “Funny Family”, with Sheila Warnock and Cappy Capossela. In 2002, when Cappy was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Eileen was a member of her group, lovingly named “Cappy’s Brain Trust”.

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Richard Kendall
has been in the fluid power business all of his adult life. He had previously worked in a family owned business for over 20 years in the Boston area, bringing new markets and products to the company. He has been involved with hundreds of technical applications in the fluid power arena that support the industrial, plastics, pulp and paper, machine tool, mining, military, marine, entertainment, agricultural and oilfield markets. He has published articles in Machine Design and Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazines.

His move from New England to Houston, Texas in 1992 shifted his expertise to the oilfield market, primarily on safety oriented products for drilling activities worldwide. His position as Executive Vice President of Accumulators, Inc. has allowed him to consult and design specialty products for use on all land, offshore and subsea drilling rigs.  His expertise in the hydraulic accumulator market has provided his company with valuable application skills and a reputation in the oilfield market as the premier manufacturer for the design, application and manufacturing of accumulators worldwide. Richard has presented many seminars to drilling contractors on the application of high pressure accumulators for offshore drilling technologies in Texas and Louisiana. 

Rick has served on several boards in an advisory capacity for more than 25 years; Abilities, Inc., Albertson, NY, The University Club of Houston; The National Council for Northeastern University in Boston,  and on a more of a community effort, The Roudenbush Community Center in Westford, MA. He is an active participant in the Anti Defamation League, as well as several industry associations.

Richard and his wife Nancy enjoy spending time with their 3 grandsons;  He enjoys films, cooking, photography, sports and high technology products.

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Dr Nelly Szlachter, MD bio and photo coming soon

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Virginia (Ginger) Witt
VIRGINIA (GINGER) WITT began her career in advertising as a production assistant in the music department of McCann Erickson, Inc. It was there she began a 7-year sojourn into the world of jingles. She worked on many of the numerous campaigns for Coca-Cola, Miller Brewing Company, and Lowenbrau that produced those jingles we still remember today.

For the past 11 years Ginger has worked in the world Broadway shows and is the Director of Business Affairs and Associate Producer for the largest theatrical advertising agency in the country, Serino-Coyne, Inc. She oversees all the union talent negotiations for the large roster of Broadway shows handled by Serino-Coyne (Aida, The Lion King, Boy From Oz, Fiddler On The Roof, 42nd Street, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Movin’ Out, The Producers, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Wicked). She is also responsible for producing the TV and Radio commercials you see and hear for Les Miserable and The Phantom of the Opera.

For the past 16 years on weekends, in addition to her “9 to 5” schedule, Ginger is a licensed real estate broker. Stemming from of her passion for acting Ginger is a member of the Board of the Douglaston Community Theatre, considered the oldest community theatre in Queens. Ginger recently appeared in their winter production entitled “Love Letters” by A.R.Gurney.

Ginger also enjoys horseback riding and tennis. And lastly, she has survived the challenges of step parenting, raising 3 teenagers, and still maintains a sense of humor.

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Marc Bailin
MARC BAILIN, ESQ is a founder/senior partner of Rubin & Bailin, LLP, has been engaged in the practice of entertainment, media and corporate law in New York and California for twenty-five years. In addition to his activities as senior partner of Rubin & Bailin, LLP, Mr. Bailin is also the co-founder/co-manager of W Financial, LP, ( a fund which originates and services a portfolio of special situation short term bridge and Mezzanine mortgage loans to real estate developers. Mr. Bailin received a B.A. from Yale University; an M.B.A. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and attended New York University and Boston University Schools of Law (J.D.). Mr. Bailin is admitted to practice in New York and California.

Mr. Bailin's clients have included actress Meg Ryan, actress Julianne Moore, actor/musician L.L. Cool J., best-selling author and video star, Callan Pinckney, playwright Richard Greenberg. Mr. Bailin serves as General Counsel and line production counsel to Pangolin Pictures, Inc., the award winning documentary television production house. Mr. Bailin also served as General Counsel to Lancit Media Entertainment Ltd., the Emmy award-winning producer of the "Reading Rainbow" series and was Lancit's legal advisor in connection with the production of "Ramona Q", a co-production of Lancit Media Productions, Atlantis Films (Canada) and Revcom Television (France). Mr. Bailin has also served as the line-production attorney for the "Reading Rainbow" Children's Television Series for the entire fifteen year history of the Series' run on the PBS television network and currently serves as Lancit Media's line-production attorney on "The Puzzle Place", the highly rated PBS pre-school series being co-produced with KCET-Los Angeles. Mr. Bailin has also served as the Executive in Charge of Production for the "Callanetics" series of videocassettes released by MCA Home Video, all of which videos have been accorded "Platinum" sales status and have been ranked number one by Billboard magazine, the leading industry publication. Mr. Bailin has also represented significant licensing, publishing and media related activities for the widely syndicated cartoonist, Gary Larson.

Recent authors and books represented by Mr. Bailin include Gary Larson "There's A Hair In My Dirt: A Worm's Story" - Harper Collins; L.L. Cool J. "I Make My Own Rules" - St. Martins Press; Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock "Share The Care™ " - Simon & Schuster; and Epicenter Communications "Sarajevo" and "The Mission" - Warner Books.

Mr. Bailin has also acted as agent/representative for a number of network news producers on programs including "Dateline" (NBC), "The Early Show with Bryant Gumble" (CBS), "Good Morning America" (ABC) and Court TV Network.

Mr. Bailin was first engaged in the entertainment industry as the Legal Assistant to the Senior Vice President - General Counsel for Warner Communications in New York City. From 1976 to 1980 Mr. Bailin was an associate attorney with the New York law firm of Beldock, Levine & Hoffman.

Mr. Bailin has, since 2000, served as a member of the Board of Directors of New York City Industries for The Blind, a non-profit manufacturing facility dedicated to the gainful employment of blind and partially signted workers..

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Edward W. Barry
EDWARD W. BARRY's publishing career spans more than forty years. He spent over 21 years at Macmillan Publishing Company in New York, achieving the post of President of The Free Press, and subsequently President of the Professional Books Division, which included The Free Press, Macmillan Library Reference, Schirmer Books, Macmillan Medical Books, and Macmillan Sci/Tech publishing. He was appointed President of Oxford University Press-USA in 1982. During his tenure, the Press more than quadrupled in size, from revenues of $24 million to over $100 million. Many of Oxford University Press-USA’s successful books, especially reference works, resulted from partnerships with scholarly and educational institutions. He was instrumental in forging these alliances, which have created a role for Oxford University Press in American cultural and educational life. The American National Biography was published in conjunction with the American Council of Learned Societies. Other partners include the American Psychological Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Annenberg School of Communications, Dance Perspectives Foundation, American Chemical Society, Rockefeller Foundation, Lampadia Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, American Academy of Religion, and Smithsonian Institution. Upon his retirement he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Oxford. As evidenced from the associations listed below, he continues to be active in publishing and related fields.

Advisory Board, Pace University Graduate Program in Publishing – 1990-
Executive Council, Professional and Scholarly Publishers, 1993-94
Board of Directors, Research Libraries Group, 1993-97
Board of Directors, American Association of Higher Education, 1993-96
Board of Library Overseers, University of Pennsylvania Libraries 1998-
Board of Directors, iuniverse inc. 2000-
Board of Directors, Alliance for Lifelong Learning, 2000-
Chairman, Management Council, Flora of North America, 2000-03
Board of Trustees, Columbia University Press, 2000-
Advisory Committee, American University of Cairo Press, 2001-
Advisory Committee, Central European University Press, Budapest, 2000-2002
Advisory Committee, Johns Hopkins University Press 2001-
Adjunct Professor, Pace University Graduate Program, 2000-
Board of Directors Knovel Inc., 2001-
Board of Trustees OnLine Computer Library Center Inc., 2003-
Advisory Board, ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc., 2005-

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James Cleary
DR. JAMES CLEARY is Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncology Section; Director of Palliative Care Program at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics; and Academic Medical Director of HospiceCare Inc. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Adelaide Medical School, South Australia, Dr. Cleary did his Internal Medicine Residency and Oncology fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and three years of research in opioid pharmacology at the University of Adelaide.

Dr. Cleary is co-chair of the American Pain Society's Cancer Pain Guidelines. He is a Master Facilitator for the Education of Physicians in End-of-Life Care Program (EPEC). He has led training sessions over 6 years, educating more than 1000 physicians throughout the United States. He serves as a North American Editor of Palliative Medicine, the Research Journal of the European Association of Palliative Care. In 2004 he assumed the presidency of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM).

It is as a Faculty Scholar of the Soros Foundation's Project on Death in America, that he continues to develop and implement educational initiatives in palliative care for faculty, residents, and medical students within the UW Health System and UW Medical School partners throughout Wisconsin, particularly HospiceCare Inc.

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Margot Dishner
MARGOT DISHNER earned her bachelors and masters degrees in journalism with a focus on advertising from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

She enjoyed a long and successful career in advertising, rising to Senior Vice President, Management Supervisor at Dancer-Firzgerald-Sample, Inc. in New York. Extensive experience with some of the most sophisticated marketers in the United States provided a broad background for her current work as a small business consultant at SCORE in San Francisco.

Margot served the Sierra Club in numerous capacities, including as a member of the Executive Committee in the San Francisco region. Committed to supporting families and friends of those facing serious and terminal illness, Margot applies this broad scope of experience in business and service to
Share The Care™ .

A close friend of Cappy Capossela’s, Margot was a sounding board for her as she wrote Share The Care™ and was a member of “Cappy’s Brain Trust”.

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Margot Dishner
is a high-energy, nationally known marketing executive, agency founder, creative dynamo and effective team leader with extensive senior level contacts at Fortune 500 corporations and major advertising, marketing, media and Public Relations agencies.  She has over 30 years experience in the development of award-winning integrated marketing programs and campaigns. 

Fran currently leads an entrepreneurial marketing and strategic business development consulting practice and brain trust she founded in 2004 called Insights & Ideas Unlimited -- a virtual collective featuring a number of the best and brightest strategic and creative thinkers across the spectrum of marketing communications disciplines and tactical applications.  Since the inception of Insights & Ideas, Fran has successfully completed a number of exciting projects including:  the Business Plans to launch an innovative new HBA category-killer, a unique experiential retailing concept, an expansion model for a service-oriented marketing communications company, a media-driven fitness enterprise and a unique healthcare business; annual planning for leading eye care and vitamin brands; shopper marketing programs for a major CPG manufacturer; partnership marketing for fitness-related digital media products; sponsorship strategy for a digital media company, a performing arts festival, touring companies and branded entertainment properties; and integrated branded entertainment programs whose key components include the creation/development of nationally broadcast cable television shows.

Prior to insights & ideas unlimited, Fran served as: Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Promotions & Events at the direct marketing division of Young & Rubicam; Managing Director of the New York office of Flair Communications, a Top Five US promotion agency; President and Executive Creative Director of Heller & Cohen, the promotion marketing agency she founded that was consistently in the Promo 100 and was the first agency of its kind in the US to have its own Internet web site. 

Fran is a cum laude graduate of Cornell University’s School of Arts and Sciences and holds a Fitness Instructor Certification from Marymount College.  She was a close friend of Cappy Caposella and was an active member of “Cappy’s Brain Trust”.

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Livia Johnson
is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU School of Medicine.  She has been in the forefront of the emerging field of women’s health and gender-based medicine.  She has consulted with government and the healthcare industry, both domestically and abroad, on the redesign of services to improve women’s healthcare.

As a medical educator, she collaborates with all specialty groups and was a member of the task force delineating clinical competencies in women’s health sponsored by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics. She has published widely about the need to transform healthcare services and improve medical education to better serve women.  She is a founding Board Member of the American College of Women’s Health Physicians, a group advocating for a specialty in women’s health.  Dr. Hoffman is also a founding member of the Plexus Institute, dedicated to finding healthcare solutions, both clinical and administrative, using principals of complexity science.  She is on the advisory board to The Transition Network, an organization serving women who are leaving the paid workforce and facing retirement.

Dr. Hoffman is the author of Our Health, Our Lives – A Revolutionary Approach to Total Health Care for Women, a book that helps women negotiate their care in a system not currently designed for them.

Dr. Hoffman has a private practice in internal medicine.  Integrating medical, reproductive and mental health care, she provides comprehensive primary care to both women and men.  A current focus of her work is early detection and nutritional management of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

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Steve Lance
STEVE LANCE Three-time Emmy Award winner Steve Lance is the co-author of “The Little Blue Book of Advertising” with Jeff Woll and ghostwriter of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “It’s Your Money” for E*TRADE Chairman Christos M. Cotsakos.

In a distinguished 25-year career in advertising, Steve was creative director of NBC, Della Femina, Travisano, Sherman & Olken and & Partners Author and Backer & Spielvogel. He has written some of the most memorable lines in the advertising, including Explore Your World (Discovery Channel); NBC Proud As A Peacock and Othello: A Minute To Learn, A Lifetime To Master. He also conceived the format for The More You Know and wrote the first 17 spots for that campaign.

Steve has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Copy Club of New York; a guest lecturer on promotion and advertising at universities, clients and advertising clubs across America; a guest professor at the University of Connecticut and Purchase College; and author of “The 49th Annual of Advertising, Editorial & Television Art and Design.” He co-hosts a radio talk show with his brother, screenwriter Paul Lance, and is currently working on his next book, “You’re On Your Own Now, Kid: 40 Lifelong Money Tips For The Financially Illiterate”

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Sukie Miller
SUKIE MILLER, Ph.D. an early director of Esalen Institute, has been a member of the Board of the Jung Institute of San Francisco and the Board of Medical Quality Assurance, the licensing board for the State of California.
She has been a frequent consultant to Cancer and Social Action programs in Brazil.

In 1972 she founded and directed the pioneering Institute for the Study of Humanistic Medicine. One of the first researchers to study the cross cultural dimensions and implications of beliefs of the Afterdeath, her books Finding Hope When a Child Dies and After Death; How People Around the World Map the Journey After Life are published by Simon and Schuster.

It was Dr. Miller who suggested and encouraged Susan Farrow to ask for help from her friends and was responsible for the incredible meeting that bonded the first group together. Dr. Miller has always been a staunch supporter of the
Share The Care™ model and wrote the FORWARD for the handbook when it was first published in 1995.

Dr. Miller currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil where she continues to see clients with chronic and terminal diseases and works with groups.

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Suzanne Geffen MintzSUZANNE GEFFEN MINTZ Is President and Co-founder of the National Family Caregivers Association as well as a family caregiver for her husband, Steven, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1974. Her longtime personal involvement with caregiving led her to the conclusion that chronic illness and disability affects the person who provides care as well as the one that requires it. In addition its impact goes beyond individual families and has become a national healthcare and social policy issue. She has testified before Congress on several occasions and is frequently quoted in the national media.

In September 2006, Suzanne Mintz was named a winner for the first-ever national Purpose Prize, a major new initiative to invest in Americans 60 and above who are leading a new age of social innovation sponsored by Civic Ventures and funding by The Atlantic Philanthropies and The John Templeton Foundation. Suzanne is also the 2004 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Eli Lilly Welcome Back initiative.

Suzanne Mintz is author of A Family Caregiver Speaks Up … It Doesn't Have to be This Hard, (Capital Books 2007) and regularly writes for numerous publications on the issues related to family caregiving.

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Dennis Spring
DENNIS SPRING began his career at what was then the largest public relations database marketing company anywhere. The company had offices in more than 8 U.S. cities and London. The company served over 2,000 corporate PR departments and firms. He was promoted numerous times and rose to the title of VP/Marketing & Client Relations.

After many years on the marketing communications side, Mr. Spring decided to enter the public relations search profession. In 1980, Spring Executive Search, Inc. was founded in New York. The name of the firm was later changed to Spring Associates, Inc. to better reflect the firm's expanded consulting services which included: communications audit, mergers and acquisitions, client/agency review and PR agency selection.

Mr. Spring has served on the Management Boards of the New York chapters of the IABC, The Publicity Club, and the International Committee of the PRSA. He has spoken before many professional communications groups and authored a chapter in the book entitled Choosing & Working With Your Public Relations Firm on the subject of the PR Agency Search & Selection Process based on a comprehensive agency search for the Sony Corporation of America.

On the journalistic side, Mr. Spring has been a contributing editor to such publications as PR News and the Public Relations Journal. He was a regular columnist for 3 years for the newsletter PR Business and was a regular columnist writing about PR Careers in Jack O'Dwyer's monthly publication, Public Relations Services for 7 years.

Mr. Spring is a decorated combat veteran who served in the Vietnam war and rose to the rank of sergeant. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Brooklyn College. He resides in New York City with his wife Penny and son Evan.


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