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ATT: Caregivers

Looking for Caregivers for interviews (for an Article on how caring for yourself helps you to be a better caregiver.

Article coming out in Quest Magazine.
Deadline August 8th!

Interviews by email &/or phone
Click here
to read more and to contact Donna Albrechts - the author.

Our 2014 Summer Appeal News Highlights are online.
Click to read it!

We need you more than ever.

Participation has past now but you can listen to the broadcast.

Talk to Sheila live on eCareDiary

July 1st @ 2pm EST

Click here to listen

Spring 2014
Issue of AWIS

"Who Cares for the Person
Who Lives Alone?"
Sheila Warnock

Click here read more

Click here to download it as a PDF


My Mother Has 4 Noses

14 Feb- 4 May 2014

Click here read more and get tickets


Search for Documentary Participants:

A search is underway for people to participate in a major documentary film from the award-winning producer of “The Crash Reel” and a healthcare company.

Click here
to see if you fit their requirements
regarding brain injury or Alzheimers

ATT: NYC Caregivers
a graduate
student in
Sociology at New School University is doing qualitative 
research on
caregiving, and would like to interview men and women in New York City who are
taking care
of an elderly family member.

Click here
to read mor and to contact her.

Save the Date
Family Caregiving Summit: "Name It; Know Its Many Faces"
Is scheduled for April 30, 2014

Click here
to read more

Click here to view or download our flyer as a PDF

Carefgivers Informational Fair
Is scheduled for April 30, 2014
11am - 4pm

Click here for forms & more

Presented by Caregivers OUtreach Ministry Empowerment  (C.O.M.E)

In Loving Memory of Dr. Sukie Miller

by Sheila Warnock

Click here read it

Dr. Sukie Miller's lasting influence on STC, caregiving and the lives of so many others is immeasureable.

CancerCare's Sixth Annual Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp
Is scheduled for June 13-15, 2014.

Click here
to read more

Click here to view or download their flyer as a PDF

How your support for
Share The Care’s
Educational Program is making a difference.

Click to read Malia's Story!

We need you more than ever.

Our 2013 Appeal and Year 2013 News Highlights are online.
Click to read them!

We need you more than ever.

In honor of National Family Caregiver Month, Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment (C.O.M.E.) hosted its 7th Family Caregiver Recognition Award Luncheon on Saturday, November 9, 2013.

Click to view the images!

15 Caregiver Honorees  and two Community Service Awards given:
Sheila and Dr. Sumir Sahgal, Medical Director of EssenMED House Calls.

Caregivers/partners of people with Spinal Cord Injury

The following is from a Graduate Student with:
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas who is conducting a research project that will take 10 minutes of your time.

"For those of you who don't know me, I am married to a C-5/C6 quad myself😊. The study is about how caregivers use Facebook. To reiterate, the survey is anonymous and the questions are about how caregivers use Facebook for peer support from fellow caregivers.." ~ Gentrie Poole (Graduate Student

Click here to learn more...

By Presidential Proclamation
November is National Family Caregiver's Month

Click here to read the Proclamation on the White House website.

November is National Family Caregiver's Month

The theme for National Family Caregivers Month 2013 is
“Family Caregivers – Now More Than Ever!”

Click here to read more about it with interesting links to recent studies of Cargivers.

Attn: New York City Caregivers

Sheila has been nominated by Greg Johnson at Emblem Health to receive an award from the

Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment, Inc.

Save The Date for the Caregivers Outreach 7th Annual Family Caregivers Award Luncheon, November 9th 2013

Click here for more details and for contact information.

A reporter with Workforce, a publication and website for human resource professionals based in Chicago. Is looking for stories for an article that She is writing on the “sandwich generation”—those who are juggling jobs and caregiving for kids, parents or other relatives. My goal is to shed light on the challenges that these caregivers face in the workplace and on why employers should care.

She would like to talk with

Click here to read more and for contact information.

Guillermina Altomonte, a graduate student in Sociology at New School University is doing qualitative research on caregiving, and would like to interview men and women in New York City who are currently taking care of an elderly family member.

The interviews are confidential and they are aimed at exploring leisure time, difficulties and gratifications that persons experience while being caregivers.

If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences, or you know someone who would, please contact her directly by clicking here or by calling 540-760-7673.
Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support.

Our 2012 Appeal and Year 2012 News Highlights are online.
Click to read them!

We need you more than ever.

President Obama issues a proclamation declaring November 'National Family Caregivers
h" the main theme of which is:
"Family Caregivers Matter!"

Click here to read the proclamation.


Family caregiving costs American corporations between 17 and 35 billion dollars each year in lost productivity and revenue.   At the same time, the strain on an employed caregiver’s own health can be overwhelming[...]

Click here to read more about this and read Sheila's address. See pictures from launch event.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Consumer Alert

Click here to read more

SHARE THE CARE was released as an e-book.

Are featuring an article on
Share The Care
Click on the newspaper's name below to read the article:
West Side Spirit
Our Town

Share The Care is proud to be "Recommended Reading" (see page 104) of best selling author Gail Sheehy's new book Passages in Caregiving. It is now on sale in Bookstores everywhere.

Click here to hear Sheila Warnock interview (#110) with Starr & Bob Calo-oy on their radio program
Enter 110 into the red box on the left sidebar.
“Caregiving 101"
on KKYX (Texas) podcast

Share The Care™is proud to be a part of the a booklet from EmblemHealth and NAC entitled “Care for the Family Caregiver: A Place to Start

Click here to read and/or download this valuable 56 page resource.

Share The Care™ is in the supplement:
Help Along the Way.
Caregiving Advocates and Resources

Our previous announcements can be found in our News Section's Archive.
Click to visti it.

©Copyright 2014 ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc. All Rights Reserved. This written content may be copied in full, with copyright, contact, creation and information intact, without specific permission, when used only in a not-for-profit format. The content may not be altered in any manner without permission from ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc. If any other use is desired, permission in writing from ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc., is required. ShareTheCaregiving™ , Inc. is not responsible for any claims of any nature arising out of any individual's participation in a Share The Care™ group.
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You have come to the right place if…

You’ve never been a caregiver.
Someone you know or love needs help.
You don't know what to do.

You’ve been a caregiver for a long time.
 your own health is at risk.
You can't do it alone anymore.

You’re a professional searching for resources to help your patients and families deal with the enormous responsibilities of caregiving.

You’re in a faith community looking for a plan to organize your members and guide them to support each other in times of need.

Welcome to

How to form an STC Group - Interview on eCareDiary (above)
More videos below

Since it was first originated in 1995, Share The Care™ has become the classic guidebook and resource used by individuals, communities, healthcare professionals, and faith communities as a loving, pragmatic approach to caregiving that can succeed no matter what the challenge. It has been used to help care for quadruplets, preemies, and to support moms with difficult pregnancies, or to sustain widow(ers) or a grandparent raising small children, or any issue that requires loving teamwork.

In a time when the medical establishment is overburdened, healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and when grown children live far away and immediate family members are already stressed, the
Share The Care™ model offers a simple yet effective solution.

ShareTheCaregiving™, Inc. - HandBook Cover

Click here for some of our reviews.

Share The Care™ is a detailed step-by-step model that shows people HOW TO:

Create a unique caregiver "family" from friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances.

Answer the question all your concerned neighbors and friends have asked. "How can I help?"

Hold a meeting that will transform and bond a group of ordinary people into a powerful caregiver team.

Organize the team using a simple, easy-to-follow system, seven guiding principles, and 23 forms that guarantees every job will get done and no one person will have too much to do..

Uncover the hidden talents within the group, make the most of their resources, cope with group issues and stick together in the face of adversity.

Navigate through the medical maze of doctors, hospitals, treatments, medications and much, much more.

Deal with the emotional issues and fears that crop up while helping someone who is facing their own mortality.

Make caregiving a meaningful, loving experience and replace stress, fear and loneliness with teamwork, courage and friendship.

Whether you're a burned out caregiver or a novice caregiver, or a friend that wants to help, you can benefit from a system that lets everyone share responsibilities, and creates a strong support network among the caregivers and leads to making a profound difference in someone's life. This model brings out the very best in each of us.

Share The Care™ ™ is based on the true-life personal experiences of the authors and 10 other women who came together to help care for mutual friend – a divorced working mom with two young teens and a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Although they were mostly strangers to each other, they worked together for three and a half years developing a unique system of caregiving as well as deep friendships that have lasted over time.

They wrote the book so others wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Hundreds of thousands of people have used the Share The Care™ model successfully and reported it to be a truly “life changing” experience.


Below is a radio interview with Sheila on eCareDiary that took place on July 1, 2014. Current Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Empowering Family Caregivers on BlogTalkRadio. Topic: Living Alone and what to do when you have noone to care for you

The eCareDiary Interview below took place at the Emblem Health Family Caregiving Summit.(Event photos below.)

The subject of "Who Takes Care of The Person Who Live Alone" was addressedIn depth in an article she wrote for the Association For Women In Science Magazine.
Click here to read the article

EmblemHealth's NYC Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps was in full force On April 30th at the NY Academy of Medicine for the Caregiving Summit - Name it; know its many faces. The turn out was fantastic…even in a downpour.

The Dr. Fritz Radio Show examines important topics and issues impacting the community through the eyes of a Psychologist.

Click here to hear Episode 50:Maintaining the physical” - 10/25/12 – Are YOU a Family Caregiver? If you provide regular and unpaid care to a loved one, YOU are a caregiver. We are joined this week by Sheila Warnock author of “Share the Care” and Dr. Robin Fenley from the Department of Aging. This is the second of a seven part series sponsored by EmblemHealth focused on caring for the family caregiver.

Click here for more mentions of Share the Care podcats by Dr Fritz on our media page.

The Dr. Fritz Radio Show examines important topics and issues impacting the community through the eyes of a Psychologist. Hosted by Dr. Fritz Galette and broadcasted by WWRL-AM (1600) radio in New York, the program currently airs every Thursday night at 10PM EST. Dr. Fritz, along with special guests and live callers, highlights the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. During each program he clarifies the issues and provides useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.

Mercy St. John's Hospital in Springfield, MO recently hosted a full-day Share The Care training for Mercy Hospital health professionals, faith-based organizers, and other local agencies to learn about the model in depth. Kathy McBee featured in this piece is heading up the hospital's first Share The Care Station to provide information and/or coaching to patients, caregivers and concerned friends in the community.

For more information about these trainings contact us

STC - news  on OzarksFirst news cast
Click here or on the image above to view their article with excerpts from the interview on the OzarksFirst news website.

The following testimonial was made in February 2011 at a ShareThe Care training led by Sheila Warnock for 65 health professionals held at California State University at Monterey Bay. The Monterey County Share The Care Council is working to introduce the model to caregivers throughout the county.

Barrie Louise Switzen's The Women's Connection®
Reeva Mager (Dorot, Inc.) and Sheila Warnock (ShareTheCaregiving)

The above recent program on caregiving is 46 minutes long.

News from A Share The Care group in WI.: "Living with ALS" video on Youtube: "Meet Peggy Driessen who lives in the Kaukauna area. She has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. She gets through each day with a positive attitude - and a lot of help from loved ones."

Pat's Story
It wasn't long after Pat was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2009 that she was approached by a nursing colleague who had just attended a Share The Care™ training in London, Ontario. Jackie Crandall wanted to know how she and others could help care for Pat and her family. Here is the story of how Pat's Care Team used Share The Care™ and how events unfolded.

Click here to view

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Share The Care™ is one of the best books ever written to help family caregivers. I was wowed by the first edition and this one is even better. Family caregiving is more than a one-person job, and the Share The Care™ model is the best way I know to balance the load and thereby let caregiving families know that they are definitely not alone.

A must read for family caregivers and all who care about them.”

Suzanne Mintz
National Family Caregivers Association

“The guidelines and support offered in this book were invaluable to the
Share The Care™ Circle organized to assist my sister Mimi [Fariña] during a long illness, and in her case, dying process. It was the tool that enabled everyone who wanted to help to do just that - in an organized and comfortable (for Mimi) manner.

The authors' experience, wisdom and caring shines through in this publication, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to start, run or be involved in a caregiver group.”

Joan Baez

“The ALS Association is pleased to endorse
Share The Care™ as a wonderful example of a model of caring support that makes a meaningful difference for all who participate. The tools, techniques and guidance in Share The Care™ offer a comprehensive plan that has provided valuable assistance to many people with ALS and their families.”

Mary Lyon, RN, MN
Vice President, Patient Services
The ALS Association

Share The Care™ transcends the pictures of what volunteerism is about. It is a step-by-step directive for creating a nurturing, heartfelt group of supportive partners in the caring process for an individual who is terminally ill, chronically ill or disabled. It helps in maintaining their dignity and independency too so they may live their lives more fully; the program is innovative, builds community and is the wave of the future for caregiving.”

Gail R. Mitchell - President
National Organization For Empowering Caregivers

“A book for anyone who has ever wondered how to help a critically ill loved one and felt overwhelmed by their needs.
Share The Care™ is clear, practical and powerfully effective. What a Blessing!”

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom, My Grandfather's Blessings
Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

“It takes a village to care for patients dealing with cancer, both for those at diagnosis and for those with advanced disease.
Share The Care™ is a superb model for activating and sustaining that village. The model enriches the lives of all involved.”

James F Cleary, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Director, Palliative Care Program, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center

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What people have said about Share The Care™ .

View a short video about
Share The Care™ model

the organization.

Click here to view the video

ShareTheCaregiving™ ,Inc.
recently hibernated its 501c3 to go under the fiscal umbrella of the National Center for Civic Innovation. (see ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION). We remain dedicated to educating the public, health professionals and clergy about group caregiving as a proven option for meeting the needs of the seriously ill or dying, those in rehabilitiation, the elderly in need of assistance and their caregivers. ShareTheCaregiving™ uses a widely adopted group caregiving model known as Share The Care™ .

Share The Care™ model provides a road map on how to take a group of ordinary individuals (comprised of friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances) and turn them into a "caregiver family" to provide individuals and families with the help they need to meet the daily challenges of caregiving. (See ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION)

Sheila Warnock, founded ShareTheCaregiving™
in memory of her best friend and co-author, the late Cappy Capossela. (See THE AUTHORS/YOUR STORIES) Sheila also revised and updated Share The Care™ for a second edition in 2004. It contains valuable new information pioneered by "Cappy's Brain Trust" as well as many wonderful ideas and contributions from Share The Care™ groups around the country.

"Sheila Warnock's book Share The Care will lead the national hospice movement to its next step, meeting the needs of the millions of Americans living alone who will need hospice care. Her work is groundbreaking."

~ Deborah Duda, author
Coming Home,
A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Caring for a Dying Loved One.

"I look at life differently now. I spend more time with positive influences, try to enjoy life more and don’t get as upset with things that in the past would have greatly upset me. Everyone, once in their life should have the opportunity to experience people working together to help other people. There’s no better fulfillment in life than to know that maybe you made one hour, one day or more a little brighter for someone."

~ J. Ambrose

"I recently saw your book at the Salt Lake City Cancer Wellness House. I think it’s the best resource I’ve ever encountered on this subject. I immediately ordered a copy and have recommended it to many friends and colleagues."

~ M. L. Winningham

"As a nurse on a Bone Marrow transplant unit, I deal with very sick patients on a frequent basis...It’s always hard for myself, and other caregivers, to deal with the helpless feelings during a severe illness. This is why I would like to spread the word about "Funny Families’."

~ K. Bucko, RN

"I would do it again without even thinking. I would do it for a friend of a friend. I would even do it for a stranger."

~ J. St. Martin

“Each member brings their own resources to the situation - each person learns to reach deep inside and bring something of unique value to the situation, a sense of humor, comfort, support, a warm touch, a phone call, a dinner that takes the edge off the day."

~ A. Warren

"We went from a bunch of confused people who really cared about this little family, to this incredible network. We’re set up so no one person does it all. No one gets burnt out and Linda and Bob (her son) always have someone there for them."

~ S. Jansen
The Orange County Register

"I never imagined so many people would hold a ‘meeting’ for me. It’s actually hard to accept, to say ‘I need help’. But sharing all this gives me more peace of mind especially about Ben." (her son)

~ L. Simpson
The Orange County Register

"Family is not always defined by blood or marriage, but more often by love and commitment to each other."

~ E. Farrow Savos
daughter of Susan
(the First Funny Family)